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Are We Facing a Long Term Care Crisis?

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The cost of long term care is a top concern for plenty of retirees, but new research shows that we could be facing a potential crisis in the U.S. when it comes to providing it. The oldest of the baby boomers will starting turning 80 in 2025, more people will need support for their healthcare […]

What Are the Four Fiduciaries for a Proper MS Estate?

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When you create an estate plan, you’re probably starting with a frame of you and your beneficiaries as the core people involved. However, this is not the full scope of everyone involved in your estate planning process. There are four fiduciaries responsible with the entire estate planning process and they are known as an agent, […]

It’s My First Estate Planning Meeting; What Do I Bring?

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If this is the first time you’ll be sitting down with your estate planning lawyer, there’s no doubt you’ll have some questions about what you need to think about or bring with you to that initial meeting. If your lawyer does not already have a questionnaire prepared for you to fill out in advance of […]

Have You Thought Through Your Final Arrangements and Documented it for Your Next of Kin?

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One of the hardest parts of dealing with the loss of a loved is being asked to make decisions and make financial commitments about final arrangements. Unfortunately, however, this is also one of the first decisions that comes up when a loved one passes away. You can minimize the possibility of challenges with this by […]

Why Accounting, Communication, and Transparency Are So Important for Trustees

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Being appointed as a trustee of a trust has important ramifications for not just the trustee but also for other family members who are entitled to receive distributions from the trust. Trustees have to be able to account for all of their actions as well as providing regular accounting to beneficiaries. At a minimum level […]

Can Your Financial Institution Impose Restrictions on Your Accounts and Beneficiary Plans?

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Using a financial power of attorney is one way to ensure that there’s someone else to step in and manage your assets if you become unable to do so but be aware of not just the state’s rules about creating a power of attorney but your own financial institution’s policies around this. Financial institutions can […]

New Research Shows That Golden Years Truly Are Golden for Some Seniors

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Having a secure retirement and financial options available to you in your older years can give you a lot of peace of mind and something to look forward to. Most people are already aware that Americas are in the middle of a retirement crisis but some older individuals who have planned properly are benefitting from […]

How to Use Life Insurance to Pay Estate Taxes

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When you’ve done your estate planning homework, you’ve laid a roadmap for your loved ones to take action quickly if and when something happens to you. This can ease a lot of concerns in the most difficult moments of their grief but it’s important for you to think about how all of your estate planning […]

The Benefits of Including an LLC as Part of Your Estate Plan

In Mississippi, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are an important tool for small business owners, but they can also be useful in estate planning. An LLC can help you pass assets to your children while avoiding gift and estate taxes.  An LLC is somewhere between a partnership and a corporation. Like a corporation, LLC owners are […]

Broad Versus Specific Language in Powers of Attorney: What to Know

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You can create a general power of attorney which enables your financial power of attorney agent to make most decisions and financial transactions on your behalf or you might choose to name specific circumstances instead. Your individual considerations and concerns will come into play when consulting with an estate planning attorney about this important decision.  […]

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