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Who’s Skipping Out On Will Planning?

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So you don’t want to sit down and draft a will- or maybe even make the appointment with your attorney. If this is you, you’re not alone.  Numerous studies have undertaken the question of who has a will and other key estate planning tools in place to protect them in case of a sudden accident […]

Asset Organization: It’s the Planning You Need

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A key component of your estate plan’s success is being able to keep all the details organized. This helps you to make the best decisions on behalf of you and your family, and enables someone to find these critical documents if something happens to you.  Getting things organized can all also help you identify when […]

What Is Your Legacy Going to Be?

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Are you thinking about how you can best leave behind a legacy of financial support and love for your family, but haven’t taken the necessary steps to put together an estate plan? According to plenty of research, you’re not alone. Estate planning is often an overlooked as an opportunity to protect your loved ones and […]

How Many Americans Think Having A Will Is Important but Have Skipped Out on Having One?

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Americans are notoriously conflicted when it comes to end of life estate planning. Thinking about the future of those we leave behind and confronting our own mortality is difficult, and yet it’s also a key aspect of your financial management necessary for the long term security of your loved ones. This is why it might […]

Why Do People Create Living Trusts?

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Have you already heard about the various types of estate planning tools and documents most commonly created and referenced by people in your state? There’s no doubt that living trust has turned up in your search of key estate planning documents, but how do you know if you need one or not?  What’s the primary […]

What Are the Key Aspects of Business Succession Planning?

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Having an estate plan for your business is just as important as having an estate plan for your individual purposes. There are many different components that go into a business estate plan including a will, a living trust, a financial durable power of attorney, a succession plan, a buy/sell agreement, and life insurance. All of […]

Three Long Term Care Myths

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With the rising cost of healthcare and all data showing that many people will need some form of LTC in their older ages, it’s costly to assume that any of the three myths listed below are true. Yet plenty of people are under the impression they don’t need an LTC plan or Medicaid planning, giving […]

Could Your Long Term Care Expenses Be in Excess of $250K?

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Retirees today seem to be confused about how much to set aside for long term care. Fidelity Investments shows that the cost of paying for healthcare expenses alone could go as high as $285,000 for an average retired couple at age 65. Those health care expenses, however, don’t include long-term care. Long term care refers […]

It’s More Important Than Ever to Be Mindful of Long-Term Care Costs

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More people today recognize the potential impact of long-term care because most children of baby boomers have experienced it first hand by helping their loved ones with medical issues associated with aging. However, these children should also be careful to incorporate potential planning sources for long term care in their own estate plan. The Genworth […]

Niche Trusts: A Chance to Collaborate

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that each client is unique. Likewise, our approach to counseling these clients should be tailored to each one’s specific needs. Let’s work together to develop special plans that fit each client’s special circumstances. One key tool to consider is the niche trust. Usually, when […]

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