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When Should You Consider Using a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust?

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If you experience an income or financial surge this year like a bonus, a sale of crypto currency, or appreciated option exercises, you may wish to use a charitable lead annuity trust strategy to respond to it. There are three primary situations that should trigger you to think about a grantor CLAT. They include: You […]

New Study Shows Reverse Mortgages Could Improve Wealth and Reduce Risk for Retirees

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Retirees have many important considerations when it comes to elder law and their estate planning. One financial option that is advertised to many retirees is a reverse mortgage. A new study completed by the Finance of America Reverse published in the Journal of Financial Planning found that reverse mortgages when used properly can help appropriately […]

In Which States Do People Pay the Highest Estate Taxes?

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Estate taxes don’t apply for the vast majority of estates in the United States, however, there are 17 locations with their own inheritance and estate taxes. A report from the Internal Revenue Service reveals tax data from the year 2020 showing that over 1200 taxpayers ended up owing estate taxes to the tune of $9.3 […]

Does My Executor Need to Keep a Detailed Log of Assets?

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Who you choose to serve as an executor and the information at preplanning you do for them can make a big difference on how easy it is for them to handle probate. Executors, also known as personal representatives, have important responsibilities that all must be handled with care. The first of these is to begin […]

What is Premature Asset Division in Probate?

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An executor or personal representative is responsible for handling many aspects of probate, including the distribution of assets once other administration issues have been managed. However, prematurely passing on these assets to beneficiaries can come with consequences. It might seem easier or even a good way to make beneficiaries happy by making those distributions right […]

Company Owners Need Individual and Business Estate Plans

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Many sad stories about celebrities highlight the importance of estate planning. Many of them leave behind complex assets and high value items. Without estate planning, this leaves their loved ones coping with probate problems for months or even years. A similar situation applies to those entrepreneurs who don’t look at their personal and professional estate […]

What Happens to a Beneficiary’s Share of the Estate If the Beneficiary Passes Away?

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If parents create wills naming contingent beneficiaries as their two adult children, there is always the possibility that the adult children will pass away before the parents. This can have implications for the contingent beneficiary’s share. Language of the created will impacts what happens with each beneficiary’s share. Some wills allow the surviving sibling to […]

Most Americans Today Have an Estate Plan That Is Outdated; is Yours?

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When is the last time you really sat down and reviewed your estate plan? It’s probably been awhile. If anything has changed in your life since the last time you made this plan, now is a great time to review. Whether you’ve adopted, had grandchildren, had a change in marital status, or simply accumulated more […]

How Does Location Affect Your Vacation Home Planning?

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If you are holding title to a piece of real estate property that you intend to pass on to your loved ones and it’s in a different location, you’ll need to think carefully about how this location could impact your planning options. One of the best ways to approach this strategy overall is to schedule […]

What is the MS Probate Process?

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If you are a family member, beneficiary, or appointed executor, you might have questions about how that probate is handled when a loved one passes away. Understanding the MS will probate process can make things easier for all the people mentioned above to understand what goes into this and some of the common pitfalls that […]

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