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Entering Retirement with Significant Debt May Affect Your Estate Plans

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A recent study completed by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that older individuals today are more likely to enter retirement with debt than compared with previous decades.  The number of older people taking on mortgages, for example, has increased significantly when compared with previous age cohorts. Massive debt generated by American households has […]

010 Senior Moments

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Financial Powers of Attorney

Common Retirement Issues You May Not Be Planning For

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It can be overwhelming to think about retirement and estate planning. However, these are crucial processes that should be considered by any adult. Many people put off the process every time in estate planning because they assume they will have time to make up for it in the future.  However, a sudden issue or disability […]

What Makes IRAs Different from Other Types of Inherited Assets?

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Passing on an IRA is different from stipulating another piece of property in your estate planning materials like a will to pass on to someone else if something happens to you. IRAs are managed differently and there are a complex set of regulations involved in this process.  There are a few different ways that IRAs […]

What You Need to Know About Updating Transfer on Death Deeds

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  One common question that people present to their estate planning attorney is whether or not they can revoke or change the transfer on death deed in the future. This is one of the major benefits associated with the ToD deed because it can be changed at the later date, as it is not irrevocable. […]

Three Key Things Your Retirement Plan Should Include

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When putting together a retirement plan, it’s common to focus on how much your income you tend to generate before and during retirement and while this is an important detail, it’s not the only issue you’ll need to review carefully. You need to also incorporate tax planning, health care planning, and legacy planning. Tax planning […]

A Married Couple? You Still Need a Power of Attorney

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Most people fall for the impression that your estate planning starts and ends with your will because it is one of the most important and basic estate planning tools. However, incapacity can occur anytime, whether you are involved in a car accident or suddenly develop an illness. If you are in a debilitated state for […]

Four Tips to Remember in The Process of Business Succession Planning

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Whether it’s a family owned business or a company that you have purchased, you need to be prepared for the process of succession planning shortly after you buy it. It might seem counter-intuitive to think so far into the future when you have only just obtained the company.  However, there are four critical steps that […]

Transamerica Study Shows Five Biggest Retirement Fears for Americans

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A recent study completed by Transamerica identified that even though retirement can be an exciting time, it is also one that provokes anxiety and fear among those reaching age 65 and beyond.  Many Americans are concerned that retirement will not live up to their expectations or that they won’t have enough assets set aside to […]

New Estate Tax and Gift Tax Thresholds Released for 2018

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Every year the IRS evaluates inflation information to determine whether or not the gift and estate tax thresholds need to be boosted. The estate tax refers to the amount of money a person can have in their estate without triggering federal estate taxes and the gift tax refers to the maximum amount of money you […]

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