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What Should You Do Right After A Loved One Passes Away?

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The loss of a loved one can be an emotional and overwhelming experience and it can feel very difficult to understand what you need to do to protect your interests and next steps that you need to take. However, there are many important things to contemplate during this difficult time related to your loved one’s […]

Three Estate Planning Steps to Take for New Parents

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It’s very exciting to think about all of the possibilities ahead of you and your family when you have your first child, but in addition to all of the other busy new parent related tasks on your list, making an estate plan should jump to the top of the priorities. Putting off this process before […]

Are There Any Dangers with DIY Estate Planning?

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  Today, thanks to the multitude of online resources and tools you can find about many different legal processes including estate planning, it’s easy to feel a sense of security about taking on this project DIY. Creating your own will might seem simple enough, but it’s a task you can tackle on your own. However, […]

Get a Spring Cleaning Start on Estate Planning

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It’s the perfect time of year to incorporate your estate planning into the bigger picture. Estate planning requires a team approach and communication with all relevant parties. If you’re also a business owner, you can’t complete the process of estate planning without incorporating business succession planning and asset protection planning.  All of the key stakeholders […]

My Parent is Struggling with Dementia: What Now?

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If your loved one was recently diagnosed with dementia, the entire family has plenty of things to think about. It’s hard to determine when things have gotten so bad that you need additional support or to consider whether they need to move to a new place so you can either keep an eye on them […]

Spending + Giving the Same to Each Child?

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Should you always strive to spend the same amount on your kids? This recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted some of the things to keep in mind when deciding how to divvy up ongoing spending, but it also highlights how these same issues can come up in the process of estate planning.  While the easiest […]

Getting Married Midlife: Don’t Forget Your Estate

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Getting married to someone in later years is becoming increasingly common. In fact, plenty of research studies are looking into how Millennials choices to get married later could have ripple effects across society and the economy. But what about your own finances? Have you thought about how you’ll plan effectively for your estate when it’s […]

Why You Need A Plan for Your Estate No Matter Your Stage in Life

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  There are so many misconceptions surrounding the process and the need for estate planning. It’s all too easy to brush this off or assume that you don’t make enough money, aren’t old enough or don’t have enough unique considerations to put you at the top of your list for an estate planning priority. But […]

Update Your Estate Plan to Match SECURE

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A few impacts emerge from the Secure Act or the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement; one of the biggest challenges associated with carrying on your estate plan following the implementation of the secure act is that this law eliminated a very popularly used estate tax strategy that previously applied to IRAs.  If a […]

How to Fit Your Stepkids Into Your Estate Plan

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One of the most complicated facets of estate planning emerges when you’ve been married more than once or have children from a previous relationship. Naturally, whether or not you want to leave something behind for all your children and stepchildren is a personal decision and you can decide what’s best for you.  But if you […]

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