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Does A Pour-Over Will Really Offer Me Any Advantages?

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You might have heard the term pour-over will while discussing the possibility of a revocable living trust with your estate planning lawyer. A living trust is often used in conjunction with a pour-over will. The essence of how this works is that all property that passes through your will at the time of your death […]

Do You Know Where Your Estate Documents Are?

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Nearly half of all Americans have no estate plan at all, so you’re to be commended if you’re ahead of that curve. But once you’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s, it’s time to make sure you’ve secured these documents so that you or a trusted advisor can access them in the […]

Study Shows That Women Have Different Goals When Planning Ahead For Their Future

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Whether you’re married, single, or remarried, you’ve got to have an eye towards your own future as a female. Estate planning, financial planning, and asset protection planning are all part of your retirement strategy and connect with how you’ll support yourself in your golden years.  Many women have to look decades beyond their retirement when […]

How to Reduce Financial Stress with Planning

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Heading off into your financial future without a clear plan and goals is like setting sail without charting your course first. It’s one of the biggest reasons why people feel anxiety over their finances; lack of a plan.  A recent study completed by the Financial Planning Association shows that more than 60% of respondents in […]

What Do You Need to Know About Undue Influence?

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The law enables you to use tools such as trusts and wills to accomplish your goals and provide for the people you care about either during your life or after you pass away. While these are definitely protective tools to begin with, there are unfortunately many people who see themselves as opportunists who use these […]

Should I List Specific Investments in My Will?

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When creating your will, it’s natural to be concerned about deciding specific pieces of property or assets that will pass on to the loved one or beneficiary you decide. However, all too many people approach the process of putting together a will in a far too simplistic manner, exposing them to potential challenges or even […]

What You Should Know About Future Exemption Levels

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Many people are already familiar with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that made significant changes to tax planning. However, the gift tax and estate tax exemption should be something that you’re familiar with so that you can leverage these to your advantage. It’s important to understand that the 2017 tax reform pushed up […]

Packing for College? Don’t Forget the Paperwork

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If you’re like most parents, completing that to-pack for college checklist can seem completely overwhelming. But as you get closer to the finish line, it also becomes a challenge to think about how your life- and your student’s life- will change.  For those students on their own for the first time ever, there are a […]

Who’s Skipping Out On Will Planning?

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So you don’t want to sit down and draft a will- or maybe even make the appointment with your attorney. If this is you, you’re not alone.  Numerous studies have undertaken the question of who has a will and other key estate planning tools in place to protect them in case of a sudden accident […]

Asset Organization: It’s the Planning You Need

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A key component of your estate plan’s success is being able to keep all the details organized. This helps you to make the best decisions on behalf of you and your family, and enables someone to find these critical documents if something happens to you.  Getting things organized can all also help you identify when […]

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