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Debt is Affecting Retirement Dreams for Older Individuals

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Looking ahead to retirement is something that is a big issue for many baby boomers getting closer to prominent retirement ages of 50 and beyond. However, an exploration of the finances of people in this age category indicates problems with burdensome debt.  According to the University of Michigan Retirement Research Center, more Americans are carrying heavy debt […]

What Happens If the Executor Doesn’t Follow the Requirements of the Will?

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Appointing an executor is an important step to take if you want to protect your interests after you pass away. Choosing the right person to serve in this role is important because you need to place your faith in this individual. For your family members struggling to cope with your loss, the selection of an […]

Consider What Happens to Your Digital Estate After You Pass Away

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Comprehensive estate planning is something that any person can benefit from, regardless of the size of their estate. It is a mistake to assume that you do not have to participate in estate planning because you have a few basic documents such as a will in place. Your will could be outdated or even legally […]

Estate Planning Outside of Taxes is Critical Too

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One of the primary purposes that many people engage in the estate planning process is to ensure that taxes are minimized and that their financial matters are handled as they wish. However, you need to consider planning for purposes other than taxes. For example, you will need to think about designating the best executor or […]

Have You Recently Inherited Money? Estate or Other Taxes May Await You

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If you leave assets behind to your loved ones, you should always do so with a clear expectation of what that money or property is attached to. Ignoring the potential tax consequences could leave your loved ones in a difficult bind, whereas planning in advance gives them more opportunities and helps to stretch that money […]

Senior Moments Episode 005

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In this episode we explore Family Retirement Preservation Trusts as a way of providing an inheritance for children and grandchildren.

Plan Ahead for Potential Catastrophes with Your Estate

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  No one is able to get out of this world alive but you can make it easier on the loved ones that you leave behind. If you have minor children or accumulated assets, you still need to do some estate planning. The more complicated your life and businesses, the more complicated your planning must […]

Tips for Estate Planning After Receiving a Cancer Diagnosis

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There are many different events in your life that may prompt you to think about the benefits of estate planning such as purchasing your first home or having a child or becoming a grandparent. Some of the events that occur in your life that can prompt you to consider estate planning can be more difficult […]

Live a More Purposeful Life by Planning Ahead for Your Legacy

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Planning your wishes for end of life concerns is never an easy prospect to consider. However, it gives you clarity on how to live your best and most purposeful life as well as leaving behind powerful gifts for your loved ones.  Many people put off the process of estate planning because they find it to […]

Putting Together an Appropriate Financial Plan for a Child with Special Needs

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Most parents recognize that they need to consider their estate plan in terms of how to protect their children in the future. But when your child has special emotional, physical or mental challenges, the process of estate planning is even more important. One of the main reasons you want to put together an appropriate estate […]

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