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Does My Life Insurance Policy Pass Through Probate?

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Probate assets and non-probate assets raise all kinds of questions for people approaching the estate planning process. It can be difficult to figure out which of your assets needs to proceed through the probate process and which could be passed down to your heirs outside of traditional probate.  A life insurance policy is one example […]

What Role Do Financial Advisors Play in Estate Planning?

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If you’ve already made an appointment to discuss your estate planning options, it’s possible that your estate planning attorney recommended that you have other professionals in your corner, such as a CPA or accountant or even a financial advisor. The truth is, much like estate planning professionals, not everyone thinks the same way about the […]

Estate Planning For Both Spouses

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The death of a spouse can generate numerous challenges for the surviving person in terms of the familiar, estate and financial responsibilities.  This is particularly challenging for someone who must suddenly step into a leadership role in these areas of their life when those tasks were previously associated with the now-deceased spouse.  One of the most […]

What Happens to Basic Wills/Trusts After I Pass Away?

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Basic trusts and wills are value estate planning tools that essentially assure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away.  If you do not have estate planning documents like this in place, you could make mistakes that could leave your heirs paying the price.  This also increases the chances that […]

Who Is Taking Care Of Your 401(k) Plan?

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Many people make regular deposits into their 401(k) plan, which is likely matched by an employer, but have you ever thought deeply about who is responsible for looking after that 401(k) plan?  This may be referred to as a fiduciary. There are a lot of stakes involved with the answers to these questions.  In order […]

Entrepreneurs Need Estate Planning, Too

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Young entrepreneurs have a variety of different things on their plate, and many of them may be averse to estate planning because they are concerned with dealing with the day-to-day actions of running a business.  However, business succession planning, asset protection planning, and estate planning are all a critical component of owning a business.  Typical […]

Do I Still Need Life Insurance In Retirement

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When you’re retired, your cash flow is extremely important, and there’s a good chance that you’ve spent plenty of your working years planning specifically for retirement.   A 25 year retirement giving you increasing numbers and longevity can be cause for concern particularly was you evaluate your various expenses and figure out what makes sense […]

So You Are Nearing Retirement-What Financial Options Do You Need to Keep in Mind?

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The closer you get to your age of retirement, the more likely you are to need to engage multiple financial professionals to get all the support that you can. Individuals who are nearing age 65 might not have a plan in place yet for their actual retirement and might not know how much is in […]

Do You Have a Plan to Be Productive in Your Retirement?

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  You need a plan to be generous with your talents in your time in retirement. By having a plan, being a volunteer positively impacts you and outlines your goals for the future. When you have plan in line, you will be able to more effectively accomplish your goals and look forward to your retirement. […]

How to Avoid Financial Procrastination

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Far too many Americans have put off appropriate financial planning and this means that they find themselves in the midst of a financial planning catastrophe when it is too late to take many steps to protect yourself. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid financial procrastination and these can be greatly assisted along by scheduling a […]

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