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Estate Planning Efficacy and The Impact of Dementia

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Unfortunately, the aging population in the United States is becoming increasingly affected by dementia. Furthermore, family members who are seeking assistance on behalf of their loved ones with dementia may be confused about how to proceed if they have never made a will before. Testamentary capacity is one of the most important components of the […]

Should Married Couples Have Separate Wills?

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You and your spouse might have the same intentions for your future estate planning, but there’s plenty of good reason to set aside your own will for the purpose of protecting your loved ones. You need to ensure you have the right documents to protect your interests and plans. When putting together a will for […]

What U.S. Citizens Living Abroad Should Know About Asset Transfers

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In the process of international estate and trust planning, there are many different details that need to be addressed to maximize the financial health of families that have connections to overseas countries and the United States, and to minimize the potential tax implications.  There are many concerns that will become more prominent in the coming […]

011 Senior Moments

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Review of the Trump Tax Cut Law

New Study Shows That Younger Caregivers Face Challenges

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Many adult children are now looking to step in and help their elderly loved ones with managing illness or disability. This requires a lot of adjustment, not just on the part of the caregiver but on the part of the person receiving support as well. A family member who needs support may cause sudden and […]

Estate Planning and the Opioid Crisis

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The opioid crisis has significantly affected many families across the country. The growing epidemic of addiction is also changing the need for estate planning. Addiction statistics show that more than 142 Americans die each day from a drug overdose. It’s also anticipated that more than 650,000 people will die over the next decade from opioid […]

The Value of Leaving a Structured Plan Behind for Your Children

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  Far too many people put off the estate planning process for way too long and end up leaving behind a mess for their children. This can be literally, legally or financially.   The literal type of mess is the cluttered house, when the adult child must step in to clean out a house of […]

Making A Meaningful Gift to Your Child’s College Savings Fund

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Passing things on to future generations is a common concern for many people interested in protecting their loved ones, but for a meaningful gift this holiday season, you might choose to establish an estate plan or contribute to a child’s 529 college savings account.  When you are thinking about the future of your loved ones, […]

Top End of Life Documents You May Need

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Most people already know that their last will and testament is the cornerstone of their financial and estate plan. However, many consumers don’t have this critical document in place. A 2014 American Journal of Preventive Medicine study found that up to three quarters of Americans don’t even have a health care proxy, an advanced directive […]

Elder Fraud on The Rise-Up To $36 Billion

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A recent study found that three out of ten state securities regulators have seen an increase in elder fraud complaints and cases. Many people are under the impression that it is only cognitively affected older individuals who are at risk for financial scams. However, one out of every 18 cognitively intact elderly people can fall […]

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