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James Brown’s Estate Is Still Unsettled

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Eleven years after the death of James Brown, his estate planning has fallen short in the plan to distribute his wealth efficiently. None of the beneficiaries in the will have received even a dime of the money. This includes underprivileged children in South Carolina and Georgia. Mr. Brown intended to donate significant amounts of money […]

Why Do Wills Need to Be Recorded?

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  You may not need to necessarily record a trust although an important component of your trust strategy is to fund it after you have put it together. Far too many people stop after the establishment of a trust and fail to follow through with the funding. There are many different estate planning concepts included […]

Five Crucial Ways That Estate Planning Can Help Your Business

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  When most people think of estate planning, they are looking at their individual opportunities available with putting together critical documents and strategies to protect them and their loved ones. The truth is however, that if you play a critical role in any business, you can also benefit from estate planning for the company. Without […]

Documents to Keep Indefinitely in Your Estate and Financial Planning Process

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Although in the previous three blogs, we’ve discussed getting rid of unnecessary paperwork and clutter after three months, one year and seven years, some documents should be kept on hand forever.  This is because they are so important that you may need to reference them at any point in time and it may be a […]

Documents to Keep For At Least Seven Years in Your Financial and Estate Planning Process

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  It can be difficult to figure out which documents you’ll need to have on hand, which ones should be stored in a safe deposit box and have a copy at your lawyer’s office, and those that you can eventually get rid of after some time.  This is because there are so many different periods […]

Documents to Keep for One Year: What You Should Know About Estate and Financial Planning

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 Some documents need to be kept longer than the three-month period as discussed in yesterday’s blog. These should be stored in a safe location so that they can be accessed quickly in the event of a sudden problem, or in the event that your financial power of attorney agent needs to step in and make […]

Important Documents Series Part 1: What Should You Keep for Estate Planning Purposes?

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Many people worry about having the appropriate documents on hand. In this four-part series, we’ll explore the various issues associated with keeping documents so that you know exactly what to hold on hand for the long term and what can be disposed of in a safe manner after an appropriate period of time. Certain documents […]

013 Senior Moments

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This episode discusses housing options for seniors and ways to pay for them.

Will Less Planning Occur Because Of High Estate Tax Exemptions?

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Do you think you don’t need estate planning? Perhaps you did estate planning in the past, but you think that new high estate tax exemptions mean that it doesn’t make sense to engage in this process.  Many estate planning attorneys and clients alike, were interested in how the most recent tax bill will play out. […]

What You Need to Know About Prioritizing a Dead Spouse’s Debts

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When a spouse passes away, it can be an alarming discovery to realize that they have more liabilities than they did assets. Paying off these expenses can be extremely confusing for a spouse who was appointed as the personal representative of the estate. When an estate does not have appropriate assets to pay all of […]

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