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Preparing Your Online Accounts for What Happens When You Pass Away

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If you’ve already taken the diligent step of getting your general estate plan in order, is it possible you have neglected your online accounts? Today it is easy to feel like you’re adding new online accounts every week, trying to keep track of all of the passwords and related information. The problem is that when […]

Are You Falling for This LTC Myth?

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Whether you’re concerned about your own health issues in older age or are now taking care of parents with issues, you might be under the impression that Medicare is in place to cover the vast majority of needs. This is not true, and it can come as an unwelcome surprise when you’ve already counted on […]

I’m a Single Parent. What Do I Need to Know About Estate Planning?

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Being a single parent puts you in a position of power and responsibility that makes it all the more important that you tick off those important adulting activities like estate planning. These are some of the most important decisions that an adult can make and they can have a clear impact on your minor loved […]

What is a Letter of Intent?

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If you’ve ever thought about estate planning before or even put together some of the key documents, you might still have questions about how to minimize the chances of an estate planning dispute after you pass away.  One popular tool for addressing this issue is to put together a letter of intent. Along with your […]

Could My Loved One Bring a Will Challenge?

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You start your estate planning process with the best of intentions, thinking carefully about who you want to include and what you’d like them to have. But what happens when your family members don’t agree with your decisions? Since you won’t be around to help explain your intentions, how can you work ahead to prevent […]

Yes, Estate Planning is for You

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  For years, estate planning has been plagued by the perception that it’s only for the rich. As plenty of news stories show, even the rich and famous often neglect their estate planning at the risk of their loved ones.   But smart future-focused people know that estate planning goes far beyond just protecting the […]

Does a Will Distribute All of My Assets?

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If you’ve printed out a basic will, signed it, stored it, and then forgotten about it, this could set your loved ones up for challenges and frustrations if something happens to you. A will is a crucial document for your basic estate planning, but the work doesn’t end there for most people. Although a will […]

Do I Need to Update My Will If I Move to A New State?

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If you previously prepared a will in your old state of residence and it was valid there, it is most likely valid in your new state. This is because many states across the country have laws that explicitly say that. However, out of state wills could pose serious problems and could at least prompt you […]

Does the State Get Everything If I Pass Away Without A Will?

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There are plenty of different reasons to use an estate planning lawyer to help you write a will but worrying about the state claiming entitlement to all of the inheritance you leave behind should not be one of them. The legal term for passing away without a will is known as dying intestate.  State law […]

If You Have Children, You Need A Will

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You might have heard in the past that it is extremely important to put together the most basic of estate planning tools; a will if you have children. If you pass away without a will, the state is responsible for making many of the decisions about your property and who will take care of your […]

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