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Study Shows That Taxes Are a Leading Reason Americans Renounce Their Citizenship

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Moving to a different state carries its own set of unique estate planning concerns but moving abroad makes them even more complicated. According to 2016 data shared by the US State Department, approximately 9 million Americans actually live in foreign countries.  The Treasury Department found that in the first quarter of 2020, over 2,900 Americans […]

New Study Reveals Estate Planning Concerns of Cryptocurrency Owners

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Are you an owner of the cryptocurrency? A recent study might reflect some of the feelings that you have about your investment in your funds. According to the company Coin Cover, up to 90% of cryptocurrency investors are concerned about their funds if they pass away but plenty of them have ignored the opportunity to […]

Estate Planning for An Adult with a Disability

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Planning for an estate is important for everyone, but especially if you are the caretaker of an adult with disabilities, it’s important to ensure all the documents are lined up to protect this person. The guidance of guardianship estate planning statutes can enable a court-appointed guardian of a disabled adult to put together estate plans […]

The Financial Outlook for Workers has Changed

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As a result of Covid-19, many people are thinking about estate planning and financial planning in a whole new different way. Having difficult conversations about end of life and long term care plans has become top of mind for many families who might have had to confront these issues directly.  Even if you’ve maintained your […]

Do You Think You Are Not Rich Enough to Consider the Benefits of Estate planning?

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The federal exemption for estate taxes in the United States is very generous, to the point that many people assume that they do not have enough assets to be worried about estate planning. In 2020, that threshold is $11.58 million per individual. You might think that estate planning therefore only applies to the extremely wealthy.  […]

Estate Planning Matters for Your Small Business

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Small business owners have plenty of things to think about in the wake of a worldwide pandemic that has shaken many things up. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect the importance of proper estate planning or business planning options. Using this time to take a step back and reorient where you want […]

Revisiting Your Estate in the Wake of a Divorce

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Going through a divorce is difficult and it shakes up your family structure and even your day-to-day life in a big way. There are also so many legal issues that have to be handled to dissolve the marriage and allow you to move on with your own life, such as moving into a new place […]

Is Trust Administration Different from Probate?

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When planning ahead for the future of your estate, trust administration and probate administration are not one and the same. There are some key differences between administering a trust estate and administering an estate inside probate.  The most important difference, for example, is that trust administration is private. For trust administration to begin, a notice […]

What Is a Psychiatric Advanced Directive?

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Much like a health care power of attorney or a medical advanced directive, a psychiatric advanced directive is a legal document that is completed to provide instructions regarding the services or treatment that a person wants to have or wants to refuse to have during a mental health crisis.  These choices could significantly influence the […]

A Post-65 Estate Planning Primer

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Estate planning is not just for the elderly. It’s not even just for those who see retirement on the horizon. Estate planning makes sense for people of all ages, but it does become especially important the closer you get to age 65.  There are several important things you should be thinking about as you approach […]

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