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More Than Half of Americans Between the Ages of 57 and 61 Spend Time in a Nursing Home

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  You might assume that you are still in relatively good health and facing low chances of being put inside a nursing or retirement home. However, new information shows that more than 50% of Americans between the ages of 57 and 61 will spend some time in a nursing home. That’s according to the RAND […]

New Study Shows a Connection Between Retirement, Savings and Mental Health

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Looking down the road to retirement? You’ve probably considered a broad range of issues, including what you’ve saved so far, what you might need for health care, and how you intend to live during retirement.  There’s no doubt that you are thinking ahead about your retirement planning goals when wanting to plan for your future. […]

Tips for Families with Large Wealth for Charitable Giving

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A family that has amassed a significant amount of wealth will have special planning considerations that should be addressed directly by an estate planning attorney. When contemplating a major charitable gift, you have several different options at your disposal including charitable trust, private family foundations and donor advised funds. These are all unique and should […]

003 Senior Moments

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In this episode I explore some of the threats to an inheritance that children and spouses face, and explore some of the protections that can be put in place with proper planning.

Are You Making This Major Medicaid Planning Mistake?

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Medicaid is one of the most important governmental service programs that comes into effect when a person no longer has the assets required to pay for long term care such as nursing home and other related services. How you plan for Medicaid, however, is extremely important because you could be blocking yourself from recovering these […]

How Millennials and Young Adults Can Also Benefit from Estate Planning

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Say the words estate planning and the typical connotation is someone approaching retirement or thinking about approaching the end of tehri life. However, estate planning benefits far more age categories than just baby boomers and elderly individuals. Estate planning can benefit millennials and young adults too. In fact, some of the most important estate planning […]

Is It a Good Idea to Leave a Home to Your Loved Ones While You Are Still Alive?

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As more baby boomers are heading into retirement on a daily basis, common questions emerge regarding estate planning. One of the most common concerns for various baby boomers approaching retirement is how to deal with their homes. This is frequently the most valuable asset for people and is fraught with complicated questions that must be […]

You Need to Ensure That Your Estate Plan is Accessible

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Doing all of the necessary work to put your things in order and to ensure that you have carefully considered all of the different tools and strategies that can be used to accomplish your estate planning goals is only a piece of the puzzle. It is equally important to consider the many different tools and […]

002 – Senior Moments

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In this episode we examine healthcare documents and a solution for getting them to healthcare providers when they are needed most.

Successful Entrepreneurs Need to Consider Defined Benefit Plans

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Retirement vehicles can be especially problematic for entrepreneurs who do not have the guidance of an employer or an employer’s selected plan to assist them in the process of finding the right retirement vehicle. Although defined benefit plans were once a critical element of the retirement landscape in the United States, these have fallen out […]

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