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Do I Need to Update My Will If I Move to A New State?

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If you previously prepared a will in your old state of residence and it was valid there, it is most likely valid in your new state. This is because many states across the country have laws that explicitly say that. However, out of state wills could pose serious problems and could at least prompt you […]

Does the State Get Everything If I Pass Away Without A Will?

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There are plenty of different reasons to use an estate planning lawyer to help you write a will but worrying about the state claiming entitlement to all of the inheritance you leave behind should not be one of them. The legal term for passing away without a will is known as dying intestate.  State law […]

If You Have Children, You Need A Will

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You might have heard in the past that it is extremely important to put together the most basic of estate planning tools; a will if you have children. If you pass away without a will, the state is responsible for making many of the decisions about your property and who will take care of your […]

Billionaires Are Living Longer: What Does This Mean for Estate Planning?

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Tom Benson passed away in 2018 at age 90. He left behind a significant empire that included multiple car dealerships and two professional sports teams out of New Orleans. Sadly, however, many of the last years of his life were spent with his heirs arguing over who is entitled to receive what. The legal battle […]

Did You Do Your Part for April’s Financial Literacy Month?

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According to Schwab’s 2017 Modern Wealth Survey, plenty of people are simply uncomfortable talking about their finances with their family and friends. However, if any of these people play an important role such as personal representative, executor, trustee or beneficiary in your own estate plan, it could be a big mistake to skip out on […]

Will Deferring My Social Security Payments Really Make A Difference?

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Research shows that people who have average health and moderate levels of wealth will be better off deferring their Social Security benefits until age 70, when they can. However, approximately 90% of those who are eligible to get those benefits, claim them before the full benefit age of 67.  Of course there are many different […]

You Do Have an Estate!

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Many people are under the impression that if they do not have significant assets that meet the estate tax laws in their country that they do not have an estate. But no person is exempt from having a complicated, large or even messy estate. Even people who assume that they have very little still have […]

Solving the Password Problem with Digital Estate Planning

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In the digital stage, estate administration requires going one step further and ensuring that you have an appropriate strategy to share the passwords to your email and online accounts as well as your computer. Things can get complicated for your personal representative, estate executor or family members if you haven’t thought this process through. Many […]

Are Baby Boomers Overconfident About Long Term Care Planning?

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Too many baby boomers have looked ahead to plan for their retirement but have neglected how long term care expenses could influence their ability to have a comfortable life after their working years. A recent Banker’s Life study found that 74% of baby boomers felt confident in their ability to handle future health care costs, […]

Could Last-Minute Will Changes or Death Bed Gifts Cause Problems for Your Heirs?

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The themes of making a last minute change to your will or changing a gift on your death bed might seem interesting or a great storyline for a movie, but these can cause many more families to end up in a state litigation which could potentially decimate the value of the overall estate you intended […]

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