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Don’t Forget a Tax Strategy for Your Stock Options

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Executive compensation packages have increasingly included stock options in the last several years. This means that from an estate planning perspective, you must think carefully about how and when these might affect you. Do you know how to maximize, for example, your stock options with a tax strategy?  Option based executive pay fell out of […]

Basics of Gifting for the High Net Worth Family

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Many high net worth families are already familiar with the benefits of using gifting on an annual basis to help dispose of some of the assets inside their estate and instead transfer them to loved ones while you’re still alive.  Very few individuals in America will owe any estate tax when they pass away. In […]

Are You Using One of These Excuses to Avoid Your Estate Plan?

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There are many different research studies that explore the number of people in America and other countries who don’t have an estate plan in place. Often it is the wakeup call of experiencing the loss of a loved one that points you to reconsider your lack of an estate plan.  Some studies have even found […]

Does It Make Sense for Your Children to Receive an Equal Inheritance?

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As a parent, you face an important and yet difficult decision when deciding how you pass on assets to your children. If you have multiple children, the most common question to arise first is what you pass on to each of them and whether or not your assets should be distributed equally.  Parents who decide […]

Protect Your Loved Ones from A Grief Filled Search

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It is important that when you put together your estate planning documents, you think about how easy it will be for your loved ones to find these documents and to be able to take action based on them. The last thing that you want is for your loved ones to have to go through a […]

Now Is the Perfect Time Crisis Proof Your Business

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Do you have a business succession plan in place? If you don’t, 2020 is the year to get one organized. Covid-19 has brought awareness of the possibility to needing to step out of the business due to illness, incapacity or death.  Business owners who are in the midst of a transition do not need the […]

The Value of Estate Planning for Baby Boomers

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A total of 22% of today’s population includes the baby boomer generation. Many of them are quickly reaching retirement age raising important questions about the value of estate planning.  Estate planning is so much more than passing along possessions and assets to millennial children. It is also about protecting their lifestyles and taking a long-range […]

Protect Your Company Longevity with Business Succession Planning

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An important part of owning a successful business isn’t just documenting what you do now that makes you effective but also outlining a plan for what happens when you decide it’s time to move on or are forced to move on for circumstances outside your control. Do you already have a successor lined up who […]

What Is A Long-Term Care Plan?

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Research shows that two out of every three Americans will need some form of assistance with activities of daily living. These activities of daily living are defined as dressing, bathing, walking, and toileting.  These activities of daily living could be impeded for an extended period of time or for a short term. Long-term care is […]

Is Now the Right Time to Pull Cash from Your IRA? Beware the Tax Implications

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It might feel as though everything is up in the air with your financial planning situation lately. Since this has impacts on your day to day life and your overall financial picture, it’s important to think about how any changes you make now in light of the pandemic could influence your estate planning picture.  Our […]

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