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Adjusting Your Assets for Medicaid?

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Planning ahead for Medicaid is an obvious step that most people in retirement contemplate at least once. Don’t fall for the assumption that Medicare and Medicaid will automatically cover all your expenses if you suddenly find yourself in need of long-term care.  Medicare only covers certain expenses and Medicaid kicks in only once you have […]

Financial Advisors & Estate Planners Can Work Together

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Estate planning is a comprehensive process that may involve multiple professionals who can assist you with determining the right strategies for planning ahead for your future. A good financial advisor is someone that you will need at some point in your life and the estate planning process is a great opportunity to identify one if […]

Retirement Saving Going Digital

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There is a good chance that you’ve probably been sorting away most of your retirement funds in a traditional account, however, digital capability in millennials may be the key to making changes in how retirement savings occur. If you are looking to boost retirement assets, millennials have a larger share of the available market and […]

Effectively Shopping for Long Term Care Services

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  Unfortunately, there is a huge disconnect across America about who will be paying for long term care and the total cost. There are several common alternatives to paying for long term care insurance to assist you. These include: Low or no cost, in which your friends, family or spouse pitches in to take care […]

Is It Possible to Be Too Early in Drafting Up a Will?

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Is someone age 18 too young for a will or other estate planning documents? You might think so initially, but having a plan is always beneficial, particularly if you have special plans for your belongings or assets. In conjunction with a will, other tools like a power of attorney can even help a college student […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Individual Retirement

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Most people who are approaching retirement age are asking a similar question; what will it be like? Others assume that they’ll take a couple of months off and then determine what happens from there. Somewhere between the fear about filling your days and lethargy may be the perfect opportunity for your retirement. It’s important to […]

Why Is Retirement Planning So Important for Women?

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  Everyone can benefit from the process of estate planning, but it’s more important for women than it is for men, frequently because many women do not think about the estate planning process. First of all, women tend to live longer and despite advances in gender equality in the United States, women still shoulder much […]

Even High School Graduates Need Estate Planning

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It’s easy for someone young and relatively healthy to push off estate planning entirely, but this could be a huge mistake. Anyone who has recently graduated from high school or reached age 18 has a couple of critical decisions to make. What happens if this 18-year-old suddenly becomes incapacitated and is unable to make decisions […]

What Distinguishes Elder Law Estate Planning from Traditional Estate Planning?

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  In general, estate planning refers to all of the steps that a person takes to protect the assets they have worked so hard to build and identify a plan for distribution. Furthermore, the documentation used in the traditional estate planning process helps to articulate who you would like to make decisions on your behalf […]

Did You Know That There Is a Life Cycle to Your Retirement Plan?

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Most people understand the basic benefits of planning ahead for retirement, but they may not understand the specific cycles and important impacts of planning for retirement. The financial life cycle follows your general aging cycle and every decade it will play its part in your financial lifecycle. During your 20s, you’ll be primarily focused on building […]

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