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What Art Collectors and Dealers Should Know About Proposed Reform

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  The tax code reform framework on the table in DC does have some important ramifications for art related businesses and art collectors. The new nine-page proposal promises bigger paychecks, more jobs and a more fair tax system; however, it proposes eliminating many of the itemized deductions and lobbying groups have already become involved. It […]

What Role Does Your Community Play in Estate Planning?

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  As you tackle the subject of estate planning, you may have questions about what happens to excess money if you have already considered all the needs of your unique loved ones. After you have taken the necessary steps to minimize taxes and maximize the value of the assets you’re passing on to your loved […]

So My Estate Plan is Finally Complete. What Do I Need to Do Now?

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After you’ve put together your ancillary documents, your power of attorney, your trusts and your will, you might assume that you’re prepared for anything. While having a comprehensively prepared estate plan is a crucial first step, you need to ensure that you finalize this process of protecting your interests. You need to ensure that all […]

007 Senior Moments

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In this Episode we discuss the importance of protecting certain original legal documents, and how to avoid will challenges.

Are You Overlooking These Common Digital Assets in Your Estate Planning?

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  It makes sense that any digital assets that contain money or something of value should be considered in your digital estate plan. However, with a growing number of accounts and assets online these days, it’s all too easy to downplay digital assets. In addition to your tangible assets, the sentimental value of and the […]

New Research Shows That Parents Play Favorites with Children in Estate Planning and More

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  Parents may try their best to treat children equally. However, a new research study shows that they may have a favorite and it will play out in multiple ways. The Journal of Consumer Psychology shows what may parents choose which child to give a $25 bond gift to. Fathers were most likely to choose […]

Key Questions to Ask When Giving Away Your Money Before You Pass Away

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There are ten key questions that you should consider in the process of thinking about giving away money as part of your estate.  Consulting with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer can help you get half the way towards protecting your interests and ensuring that you’ve considered all potential outcomes. These questions include: Have you already […]

New Opposition to Estate Tax Rule from Presidential Administration Could Affect Business Owners with Wealth

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The Treasury Department is currently evaluating a proposed regulation that could change how wealthy business owners are eligible to pass on businesses to their children or other heirs. individuals are currently able to discount valuations of stakes in a family owned business to minimize the taxes due upon transfer. A 40% levy could be applied […]

Looking at All Sides of Your Estate Plan

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Most estate planning conversations with a lawyer have to do with the trusts that are set up upon each individual’s death, their attitudes or self-sustaining care towards the end of the life and the distribution of their assets.  However, you should never neglect the softer side of your estate planning including your care of your […]

Extra Layers of Protection in Estate Plan Provided by Durable Power of Attorney

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There are two major types of durable powers of attorney that can be essential for estate planning purposes. They should always be executed as part of a comprehensive estate plan that has put together by a knowledgeable attorney.   First of all, you may use a durable power of attorney for asset management which gives […]

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