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How to Manage Your Money Like You Have Plenty of It

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There are many different secrets for millionaires, but one of the biggest is that they manage their money and their mindset about money differently from other people. Even if you’re not quite a millionaire yet, adopting a healthy mindset and orienting your financial and estate planning around it can have ripple effects in your life. […]

What Goes Into My Elder Law Plan?

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Are you ready for retirement and beyond? People are living longer than ever these days, and that means you need a plan to help yourself or to enable loved ones to step in for action if you are unable to make decisions yourself. A trust is one of the most critical documents in an elder […]

What Does It Mean to Pay for Long Term Care with a Combination of Assets?

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Most people haven’t set aside significant savings for the sole purpose of paying for their long term care but long term care expenses can have catastrophic effects on your savings, especially if you’re a partner with a spouse who might need to rely on these savings for the remainder of his or her retirement.  Many […]

Does Medicare Pay for Long Term Care Expenses?

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Far too many families find themselves in the position of realizing that Medicare doesn’t pay any or very little of the long term care expenses that can emerge when a loved one suddenly needs to enter the nursing home. Caring for a loved one at home might not be an option for your family. It […]

New Retirement Study Shows Importance of Getting Financial Help

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A new study has found that the retirement savings rate significantly improves when employees and workers get help with the bigger picture of their financial life. Employees who had access to ongoing coaching and insight for all aspects of their financial lives saw a retirement plan contribution rate increase up to 9.4% of their pay […]

How Can I Tell If A Will Was Revoked or Replaced?

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Creating a last will and testament is an important component of estate planning, but it can also be one of the most confusing aspects of probating or administering an estate. A will does not expire but identifying different versions that replaced an older one or finding a will that at some point was revoked can […]

Preparing Your Online Accounts for What Happens When You Pass Away

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If you’ve already taken the diligent step of getting your general estate plan in order, is it possible you have neglected your online accounts? Today it is easy to feel like you’re adding new online accounts every week, trying to keep track of all of the passwords and related information. The problem is that when […]

Are You Falling for This LTC Myth?

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Whether you’re concerned about your own health issues in older age or are now taking care of parents with issues, you might be under the impression that Medicare is in place to cover the vast majority of needs. This is not true, and it can come as an unwelcome surprise when you’ve already counted on […]

I’m a Single Parent. What Do I Need to Know About Estate Planning?

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Being a single parent puts you in a position of power and responsibility that makes it all the more important that you tick off those important adulting activities like estate planning. These are some of the most important decisions that an adult can make and they can have a clear impact on your minor loved […]

What is a Letter of Intent?

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If you’ve ever thought about estate planning before or even put together some of the key documents, you might still have questions about how to minimize the chances of an estate planning dispute after you pass away.  One popular tool for addressing this issue is to put together a letter of intent. Along with your […]

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