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Do You Really Need to Pay an Estate Planning Lawyer to Assist You?

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There are plenty of times in life when it makes sense to handle things on your own or to avoid spending money that you simply do not have or do not need to spend to accomplish a goal. While there are numerous different examples when it does make sense to avoid hiring a professional to […]

It’s Essential to Connect Personal Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning for Business Owners

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According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012, there are 27.6 million businesses closely held in the United States. Business ownership and entrepreneurship are critical drivers of legacy creation as well as significant wealth, but it becomes even more important for the individual to approach estate planning from their personal perspective as well […]

Americans are Passing Away Within an Average of $62,000 of Debt

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There is a good chance that you may pass away with some debts in your name. In fact, a recent study conducted by, identified that 73% of consumers have outstanding debt that was reported after they passed away. Those consumers carried an average balance of $12,875 in debt not associated with a mortgage. For […]

Would a Domestic Asset Protection Trust Work for You?

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Have you ever heard of a domestic asset protection trust? This is a tool in which you create a trust inside a U.S. jurisdiction in order to protect the person who is putting together the trust. One aspect that makes these different is that the person who creates the trusts and put assets into it […]

U.S. Supreme Court Rules That IDEA Requires More Than “Some” Educational Benefit

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Parents of students with disabilities may be rethinking their child’s educational plan after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of a child with autism and attention deficit disorder whose parents took him out of public school.

New Comic Book Supports Special Needs Siblings

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The experience of being the sibling of someone with special needs is often overlooked.  To help fill this void, a New Jersey teenager has created a 20-page comic book that presents six illustrated stories of children confronting the challenges of having a sibling with special needs.   

Four Provisions People Forget to Include in Their Estate Plan

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Even if you’ve created an estate plan, are you sure you included everything you need to? There are certain provisions that people often forget to put in in a will or estate plan that can have a big impact later on.

Why the Suze Orman Trust is Dangerous

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When approaching the estate planning process, it’s important to do so in a way that ensures you do all your research first. It’s the only way to verify whether or not you’re making the right decision for you. You can’t feel comfortable about your decision until you know that you have investigated all options and […]

What is the Medicaid Five Year Look Back?

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When planning ahead for your future, a common question that emerges with older adults has to do with Medicaid. This is because the cost of long-term care can be significant and you may need to rely on outside sources like Medicaid in order to afford the services you’ll need if you encounter a long-term care […]

What You Should Know About Probate and How to Avoid It

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The topic of probate can generate many different questions for people approaching the estate planning process but one of the most common is how can I avoid it. Probate is the legal process in Misssissippi to determine whether a deceased individual’s will is valid and genuine. Probate can also determine who the beneficiaries are when […]

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