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Checklist of Questions That Every Business Owner Needs to Ask

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There are several different questions that you need to ask in order to ensure that you have protected yourself against risks and engaged in proper planning.  Do All Owners of the Business Have an Updated Buy-Sell Agreement? A buy-sell agreement determines what happens to ownership interests and the business if they need to be transferred […]

Take This Business Succession Planning Quiz to Learn Whether or Not You Are Prepared for the Future

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Unfortunately, far too many individuals avoid the process of business succession planning, figuring that they will deal with it at some point in the future. Unfortunately, as many business owners can attest, there are numerous reasons why someone may need to depart a business suddenly. These include disability, death, retirement and other issues. Without having […]

Common Misconceptions About Estate Planning 101

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Even if you have not yet completed these documents, you probably have heard the terms “will” and “power of attorney” before. From that point, however, a lot of people fall for some common myths about these critical estate planning documents. Get the details on what you really need to know below. First of all, a […]

Estate Planning is Valuable for All Ages

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Too many people make the mistake of assuming that you only need estate planning after you have accumulated significant resources or when you have children. Everyone at all ages, however, can benefit from estate planning. This is true even for single individuals and unmarried couples. Estate planning is about more than putting together your will […]

November Election and Potential Estate Planning Impacts

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With every change of administration come concerns about how this will impact national policy. The election could have several outcomes depending on Congress, as well, which will also impact just how much wiggle room and legislative support the incoming president receives. The reality is that it’s not likely much will change if the parties stay […]

Boosting Your Company’s Value with Business Succession Planning

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One of the most common myths about business succession planning is that all you need is a buy-sell agreement. There’s no doubt that a buy-sell agreement may be an important component of your overall strategy, but it’s unlikely to be the only piece. There are plenty of reasons to have a business succession plan in […]

How to Select the Right Elder Law Attorney

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Most people have not had the experience of keeping an attorney on retainer. Most of their interactions with a lawyer happened for a specific purpose, like buying a house or handling a sudden litigation issue. That’s why it can be confusing when facing elder law issues, because you need to identify an attorney with whom […]

Issues to Be Aware of with a Bypass Trust

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An estate planning tool that once used to be relatively popular may cost families a great deal more in taxes than it could have the potential to save. This is because the bypass trust has become less appealing in recent years due to changes in the estate tax rules at the federal level. The way […]

Why Everyone Needs Asset Protection Planning

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Some people view asset protection planning as an illegal or immoral practice, but that’s not really the purpose of this kind of planning. In fact, when done appropriately, asset protection planning can help you accomplish your goals and shield the wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate. While it is certainly true that all […]

Key Estate Planning Lessons That You Can Learn from Prince

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Anytime that a celebrity passes away, we get the opportunity to benefit from his or her planning or lack of planning. Unfortunately, a growing number of Americans, much like pop star Prince, do not have a will at all.  What follows are several reasons why it’s important to put your estate in order now as […]

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