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IRS Announces New Gift Tax for 2019 Estate Tax Limits

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The IRS recently announced their 2019 details about gift tax and estate tax limits. The official limits for 2019 increased the individual estate and gift tax exemption to $11.4 million per person up from $11.18 million in 2018.  This means that you are eligible to pass on up to $11.4 million to beneficiaries and heirs […]

What is the Role of an Executor in Mississippi?

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Are you trying to decide who to appoint as your will executor in MS? This important decision could have ripple effects for your entire family, and deciding who to instill in this role is well worth taking some time.  Your MS estate planning lawyer can help you determine the role that a will executor will […]

What Is Bunching of Charitable Contributions?

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Since the new tax laws in place doubled the standard deduction to $12,000 for single taxpayers and $24,000 for those married filing jointly, this means that you need to understand how this affects your itemized deduction planning. There are changes that repeal or limit many itemized deductions, such that in 2018, 90% of taxpayers will […]

Do Beneficiary Designations Really Matter After Your Second Marriage?

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Your estate planning documents certainly need to be updated after you get married for a second or third time, but have you overlooked this common mistake of failing to update your beneficiary designations.  Beneficiary designations outline how the property will pass to people on items such as your life insurance policy, your IRA and certain […]

What Is an I Love You Will?

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Since the federal estate tax exemption is at an historically high level of over $11 million, this leads to many questions brought by a client to estate planning attorneys about portability mechanism. These portability mechanisms have to do with a client’s unused exemption at death and many people are choosing to keep their estate planning […]

Avoiding Trustee Issues

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An uncooperative trustee named as responsible for your trust management could prove especially problematic for your loved ones but only after the fact when you are no longer around to change this person or to do anything about it.  An uncooperative trustee is someone who is not living up to his or her legal obligation […]

Two Trust Tips for Blended Families and Second Marriages

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Contemplating your estate planning considerations after getting married for a second time is especially important because there are critical issues that could easily be overlooked that could leave your children from your first marriage or even your new spouse at a disadvantage.  What follows are two different estate planning tips and considerations for those in […]

Where Have You Stored Your Important Information?

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When your loved ones come home to help you deal with a significant medical crisis or even to help you wrap up your estate after you have passed away, you could put them in a very difficult situation by not having any access to these critical financial documents and other materials.  Not knowing where your […]

What Can You Learn from Stan Lee’s Estate Planning?

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Stan Lee recently passed away and details show that his tangled estate planning could be a complicated web for heirs to navigate. Unfortunately, far too many celebrity deaths paint a picture of just how devastating it can be when estate planning is not managed appropriately. The co-creator of super heroes, such as Spiderman and Captain […]

Your Estate Planning Review Year-End

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Has your life changed at all in the last year? Did you have estate plans contingent on prior versions of tax law that are no longer relevant? Don’t let the end of the year pass you by without taking the opportunity to set up a quick meeting with your accountant and your lawyer. These two […]

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