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Do Rising Healthcare Costs Called for Updated Trusts?

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One of the biggest concerns at the top of minds for retirees are being able to afford potential decades of life post-retirement and preparing for soaring healthcare costs.   If you were savvy enough to put together a trust in the past to help protect your beneficiaries, now might be the time to revisit that […]

Got a Stepfamily? Don’t Forget Them in Your Estate Plan

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Today’s families need the support of dedicated and knowledgeable estate planning lawyers. With second or third marriages and blended families, estate planning calls upon professionals to help design unique and meaningful plans based on the structure of the family in question.  A good estate plan can help to avoid conflicts when you have children from […]

How Do I Know if Medicaid Will Pay for My Nursing Home?

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Are you concerned about the rising costs of long-term care? You’re not alone. A growing portion of the population in the U.S. will need some form of long-term care support in the future and very few people have planned for how they will pay for it.  Most people are under the belief that Medicare pays […]

Two Kinds of Advanced Directives

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Did you know that there are two ways you can explain your wishes should something happen to you and you are unable to advocate for yourself? Most people overlook some of the estate planning tools designed to help you while you’re still alive, but these can be the most important when loved ones are stepping […]

Are You One of the Many Adults Who Find Finances Daunting?

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Thinking ahead about your future requires careful and complex consideration of a variety of issues. A recent study by Unum shows that many adults find their finances daunting and therefore, forget to take action steps that can help to protect them or their loved ones.  According to this study, around 38% of adults in the […]

Your Estate Plan Isn’t Complete Unless You Have Discussed These Five Documents

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Every so often it’s helpful to sit down and review your existing estate planning documents. Ideally you will have stored a copy of these with your estate planning lawyer and also have copies for yourself. Regular review of your existing estate plans can help you to determine when you need to incorporate additional planning goals.   […]

Do You Really Need Life Insurance in Addition to a Will?

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If you don’t have any children and are currently not married, there’s a good chance you think you don’t need life insurance. If your first thought was that life insurance can help your family members pay for funeral expenses and you’re not concerned about that, you might have skipped the application and verification process for […]

My Child Has a Disability. What Do I Need to Consider with Estate Planning?

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As you grow older and are concerned about the future of a child with disability, the future can seem overwhelming or even daunting. Thankfully, sitting down with an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer gives you the chance to ask important questions and to articulate a plan that is aligned with your individual needs.  Start […]

Lessons from the Jeffrey Epstein Estate: Creditors First

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A significant legal battle could hold more information for others approaching the estate planning process. The last will and testament of Jeffery Epstein was dated August 8th, just a couple of days before he was found dead in his jail cell.  Over $577 million in total assets, including collectibles and fine arts are expected to […]

Can You Simplify Managing Your Loved One’s Estate?

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We all know in the back of our minds that at some point in our lives we might have to sort through a loved one’s estate. And yet there’s no way to prepare for the emotional onslaught that you might experience in dealing with grief. That process can be overwhelming and can make it that […]

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