Gerald and Scarlett were married for over 60 years. After Gerald’s unexpected death, Scarlett didn’t know where to turn or what to do next. They owned most of their assets together, but some of their assets were just in Gerald’s name. The house seemed way too big now, and she wanted to move closer to their daughter, but she didn’t know if she could sell it. The bank was telling her she needed something called “Letters Testamentary” in order to get access to their money. Also, there were people sending her letters telling her that Gerald owed them money and that now she had to pay it. Scarlett was scared and confused. Fortunately, a friend encouraged her to make an appointment at the Morton Law Firm. They sent her a package of information, a brief questionnaire, and even sent her a book she could read before her appointment. At her meeting she learned that some of her husband’s assets were held just in his name, and that their home was owned together, but as “tenants in common.” In order to have complete ownership and control over their assets, she would have to “probate” Gerald’s estate. The firm explained it’s 5-Step probate process to her and helped her every step of the way. With their guidance, Scarlett was able to administer Gerald’s estate, gain ownership over everything they worked a lifetime to build, and even eliminate those fake creditor claims. Without their help, Scarlett might have paid people she didn’t legally owe, and have been prevented from selling her home and moving to a smaller place close to her daughter. If you think that you might benefit from the type of guidance that Scarlett received, why not click the button below and schedule a complementary call with the professionals at the Morton Law Firm? They will send you some valuable information, schedule a preliminary free phone call, and even send you a free copy of Ronald Morton’s book, “The Probate Book.”

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My experience was unexpectedly easier than I imagined. It was very efficient with timely results. I have recommended your service to several close friends. I was that confident and pleased with my results. Unfortunately, I needed to use your help after the sudden passing of my wife in late 2013. Your help was invaluable.
Thank you for your kind assistance.

Charles P

Mr. Morton and all of his associates were so professional and friendly each time I had to call them and also when I saw them in person. I would highly recommend their services.

Janice D

Thank you for your excellent service to my family. It is wonderful to have such a trustworthy, efficient, and courteous firm looking after our legal needs. You and all of your employees are very responsive and skillful. Thanks Mr. Morton for assembling such a wonderful team.

Shirley T.

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