Craig and Sandra have four children, and one of them, Will, has Down Syndrome. Will is 25 and currently receives SSI and Medicaid, but his parents also have to help out financially, and they always will. But Craig and Sandra worry about what might happen to Will if something  unexpected happened to them. They know how difficult it was to get Will on public benefits, and how even a modest inheritance will cause him to lose those benefits. Also, Craig and Sandra are not wealthy, and while they know they need to provide for Will when they are gone, they do not want to disinherit Will’s siblings. Some friends have suggested that they leave all of their assets to their other  three children so Will won’t lose his benefits, but they don’t want to disinherit Will either. After all, Will is going to need an inheritance more than the other three children, and leaving Will’s inheritance to one of them might result in Will never receiving it if something tragic or unforeseen were to happen like a death or bankruptcy. Craig and Sandra knew they needed advice, so they made an appointment at the Morton Law Firm. There they learned of a special type of trust where they could leave Will’s inheritance to assist in paying for extra things his public benefits did not cover but would not cause him to lose his public benefits. Craig and Sandra followed the firm’s advice and created a Special Needs Trust for Will. They now have a much greater peace of mind, knowing that if something happens to them all of their children will be treated fairly, and Will’s inheritance will be protected to provide him the extra assistance he periodically needs without causing him to lose his government benefits. They also like the fact that any funds remaining when he dies will go to their other 3 children and not the government. Craig and Sandra would have likely continued to spend sleepless nights worrying about what would happen to Will if something happened to them, but now they rest well knowing that they have taken care of their affairs.

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My experience was unexpectedly easier than I imagined. It was very efficient with timely results. I have recommended your service to several close friends. I was that confident and pleased with my results. Unfortunately, I needed to use your help after the sudden passing of my wife in late 2013. Your help was invaluable.
Thank you for your kind assistance.

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Mr. Morton and all of his associates were so professional and friendly each time I had to call them and also when I saw them in person. I would highly recommend their services.

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Thank you for your excellent service to my family. It is wonderful to have such a trustworthy, efficient, and courteous firm looking after our legal needs. You and all of your employees are very responsive and skillful. Thanks Mr. Morton for assembling such a wonderful team.

Shirley T.

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