Can Barbara Save Her Home? 

Barbara is widow of 20 years. She has a modest nest egg of around $300,000 and owns her home worth about $200,000. Lately she has been forgetting things, and getting lost, and the doctors have told her daughter, Miranda, that it is time to think about placing her mother in a nursing home. Miranda knows that nursing homes are expensive and that cost will consume everything her parents saved in just a few short years. She knows that people who didn’t bother working hard and saving get that type of care paid for by the government, but the case worker she talked to said her mother would not qualify for those programs until she had spent everything except $4,000. Miranda thought is was unfair. Why should responsible people be punished while irresponsible peole get care for free. Fortunately she found the Morton Law Firm on an internet search and made an appointment. In that meeting Miranda learned that there are two sets of rules that apply to nursing home benefits – one set for people that plan, and another set for everyone else. While it was too late to protect all of her mother’s assets, the firm could show her how she could protect over half of them. That would leave her mother with enough money to pay for extra things that would bring her comfort while she was in the nursing home (like cable tv, a private room, and occasional sitters) and might result in enough left over for her to recieve a modest inheritance when her mother passed. With the firm’s guidance, Miranda was able to get her mother qualified for Medicaid and was able to protect over $200,000 and her house. Without help from the Morton Law Firm, Miranda would have done what the case worker told her and Barbara’s savings would have been spent at a rate of $8,000 per month until she had nothing left. did no small nest egg that consists of the savings Charles left for her and her own savings, but she has late-stage dementia that she has been suffering from for a few years now that has grown exponentially worse. Barbara’s daughter, Miranda, knows her mother needs the around the clock care since Miranda cannot stay at her mother’s home all the time to take care of her. However, she does not want to see all of her mother’s hard earned life savings disappear to the nursing home’s costly fees of $8,000 a month. Barbara has $300,000 in savings and a home, but how will she be able to keep it all with the nursing home costs? Miranda took action and contacted our firm and scheduled a meeting with Certified Elder Law Attorney Ronald C. Morton who has experience with situations just like Barbara’s. Our firm developed a plan for Barbara to restructure her assets so she can afford nursing home costs, keep her home, and have the peace of knowing some of her assets will be passed down to Miranda. We helped her save $160,000 of her cash and her house, which she can now pass down to Miranda after her death. Miranda can also use the $160,000 to supplement her mother’s care while she is in the nursing home, and whatever money is not spent while Barbara lives in the nursing home will be passed down as well to Miranda. However, if Miranda not called our firm, Medicaid would have taken her elder mother’s house and the government would have inevitably swallowed Barbara’s life savings and assets.

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My experience was unexpectedly easier than I imagined. It was very efficient with timely results. I have recommended your service to several close friends. I was that confident and pleased with my results. Unfortunately, I needed to use your help after the sudden passing of my wife in late 2013. Your help was invaluable.
Thank you for your kind assistance.

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Mr. Morton and all of his associates were so professional and friendly each time I had to call them and also when I saw them in person. I would highly recommend their services.

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Thank you for your excellent service to my family. It is wonderful to have such a trustworthy, efficient, and courteous firm looking after our legal needs. You and all of your employees are very responsive and skillful. Thanks Mr. Morton for assembling such a wonderful team.

Shirley T.

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