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Are You Exposing Your Retirement Funds to Long Term Care Cost Devastation?

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Do you have enough set aside to afford up to $8000 a month in long term care? Chances are that at some point during your older years, you will need access to it. Advancements in medical technology mean that baby boomers who are just approaching retirement age may expect to live another 30 years or […]

News Shows That Americans Have Not Come Far Enough on Retirement Planning

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According to a recent study conducted by the American College of Financial Services, three out of four adults reaching retirement age failed a quiz on how to make their nest eggs last throughout their retirement. Older Americans or those between the ages of 60 and 75, also indicated a lack of understanding about critical financial […]

Include Planning for Higher Education in Your Estate Planning Goals

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The assets you have in mind for your loved ones may include your thoughts on how they will be used, too. That’s why some people choose to use tools such as trusts to maintain some level of control over how the assets are used. Were you hoping to leave behind some assets for your loved […]

Why You Need to Have a Conversation with Your Elderly Parents About the Difference Between a Will and Beneficiary Designations

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Unfortunately, some adult children find out too late that their loved ones did not take all the necessary steps as it relates to estate planning. This can compromise the integrity of what the decedent wanted to pass along particularly if the will was updated but the beneficiary designations on bank accounts, retirement accounts or life […]

Liquid vs. Illiquid Assets to Leave Your Loved Ones

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Estate planning is about more than deciding that you want to leave things behind to your loved ones- it’s also about deciding what you’ll be leaving behind and how it makes the most sense for your family members and friends. What they are able to do with those assets could have a big impact on […]

Asset Protection Planning: Thinking Ahead When You Get Married

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Divorce is not inevitable but many people find the process of thinking about their future finances and ending their marriage as extremely difficult when they are just planning the wedding itself. However, a strategic wealth plan can be an important component of asset protection planning.  Divorce is a risk that every marriage faces. It is […]

How to Effectively Approach Your Digital Accounts Before You Pass Away

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There’s plenty of discussion about the benefits of traditional estate planning but you may also need to consider how your digital accounts are included as well. Most people underestimate the number of digital accounts that they truly have. Choosing to inventory these and listing all of the appropriate passwords and username information can make it […]

The Threats for Wealthy Families Are on The Rise

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Security threats are more prevalent than ever and multi-family offices are being targeted in the most recent round of attacks. According to a recent study, only 9% of all respondents out of 55 family wealth firms were involved day to day in security risk management. Although up to 73% reported recent concerns associating incidents involving […]

Planning Ahead if You Intend to Give Assets to Your Children Differently in Your Estate

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Although the most popular way to approach your estate plan is to leave all assets equally to all your children. However, there are many situations where parents might apply logical reasoning to determine that unequal inheritances are a better approach. For example, if you have a child with special needs, he or she may benefit […]

Do You Really Owe Your Kids an Inheritance?

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It is never easy to approach the topic of estate planning for anyone. One of the most common reasons that people are uncomfortable with this topic as a whole is that they are concerned that talking about it means reflecting on their own mortality.  This is certainly a challenging act by approaching your estate planning […]

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