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Jackson, Mississippi Will Lawyer on What to Know When Leaving an Inheritance to a Child Struggling with Substance Abuse

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As a Mississippi will lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand how substance abuse can impact families, leaving parents heartbroken and unsure of how to protect their loved ones while preserving their legacy. In my experience, many parents want to leave an equal inheritance to all their children, but when one child is struggling with addiction, it can […]

Clinton, Mississippi Elder Law Attorneys Answer, “Can the Nursing Home Take Mom’s Life Insurance?”

If you have a parent in a nursing home, you’re likely facing a lot of difficult decisions and stressful situations. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but it’s important to remember that you have options and resources available to you. One question that often comes up is whether the nursing home can take a loved one’s […]

Prepared in 2023: Reassess What Matters Most in Elder Care

If we have learned anything these past few years, it’s that life is fleeting. Amid such uncertain times, many of us have realized what – and who – truly means the most to us. Estate planning allows you to reflect on your family, your priorities, and what actions you can take now to secure your […]

Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick to Create an Estate Plan

In the wake of the pandemic, rising inflation, mass shooting tragedies, and other events, more people recognize that they need to plan for the future. Yet while financial planning has been at the top of many Americans’ minds, a vast majority of people have stalled in creating an estate plan. According to a new study […]

When Should I Include a Pour Over Will in My Estate Plan?

In creating an estate plan, you are proactively taking steps to ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes in the wake of your death. One tool available to you in estate planning is known as a trust. There are numerous kinds of trusts. If you wish to maintain control, during your […]

Mississippi Elder Law: Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder law attorneys may specialize in estate planning, incapacity planning, and end-of-life care for seniors. These practitioners are essential because they work to protect a vulnerable population. To plan for their future and their care, seniors and their families should consider hiring an elder law attorney. How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help My Aging […]

How Intermediate Care Facilities Can Serve Older Adults

Many older adults can no longer safely live on their own. However, they may not need the highly specialized care of nursing homes. Intermediate care facilities present one option for older adults who cannot live independently but require daily assistance. As a residential option for seniors, intermediate care facilities (ICFs) can house residents on a […]

In Memoriam: Disability Civil Rights Activist Judy Heumann

No Comments Blog, News & Updates

On March 4, 2023, the disability community lost a longtime leader and hero, Judy Heumann, who died of a heart attack at the age of 75. Heumann, a disability civil rights activist, author, speaker, and administrator in two presidential administrations, served during her lifetime as a driving force behind such landmark disability rights legislation as […]

Elder Law Attorney Answers: What to Know About Being a Health Care Proxy

No Comments Blog, Incapacity Planning

When you assume the role of the health care proxy of a loved one, you make crucial medical decisions on their behalf. If your loved one becomes incapacitated and cannot communicate with health care providers, you are responsible for ensuring health care providers respect their preferences for care. If you are a health care proxy, […]

Mississippi Wills & Trusts Attorney: Estate Planning for Your Digital Legacy

No Comments Blog, Estate Planning

One aspect of your estate plan that you may not yet have taken into consideration is your digital legacy. Arranging what happens to your digital assets and information when you pass away has become an increasingly essential component of financial literacy — and comprehensive estate planning. According to Pew Research, the number of adults in […]

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