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What’s the Process for Intestate Administration?

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The intervention of a probate court might be necessary in your estate if you don’t discuss your options with an estate planning lawyer beforehand. Certain assets, such as real estate and vehicles, require particular documents in order for the title to pass. If the owner has passed away, the only way for someone to pass […]

New Study Explores Best States for Nursing Home Care

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  Whether you’re researching the option for a loved one or considering your own needs with nursing home care, it’s an important decision that factors in critical details about each facility. This includes how many staff members are in place at any given time, whether or not the facility has been cited for any issues, […]

Alzheimer’s and Estate Planning: Using Advanced Directives

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An advanced directive is a tool that can be used by anyone to explain the healthcare wishes of a person who is no longer able to make these decisions for themselves. In the vast majority of cases, these documents must be created while the person in question is still able to execute them with a […]

What You Should Know Before Applying for Institutional Medicaid

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If you’ve already sat down with your estate planning lawyer in New Jersey and still have questions about what Medicaid will pay for when it comes to long term care, advanced planning can help to address many of your concerns and questions directly.  If you need to go to a specialist’s office or a doctor, […]

Life Insurance Before and Post-Divorce: What to Know

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You have probably planned your life carefully up to this point and put in time and energy with your former spouse to drop a will and establish trust to organize your estate after you pass away.  Together you’ve probably put insurance policies in place for life, health and disability and made decisions about the guardianship […]

Create Your Estate Planning Amendment Plan

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There are many different reasons that you might wish to amend your estate planning documents and this can include various different aspects, such as new beneficiaries, changes to your trust or changes to your will. In order for these updates to be effective they must be done properly.  Otherwise, this can lead to not just […]

Who Are the Stakeholders Involved in Business Succession Planning?

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You’ve probably taken a long view approach to establish and found your business. Growing a company is probably one of the greatest achievements of your life, but if you’ve failed to consider the other potential stakeholders who could be influenced if you had to leave the business either by your own choice or involuntarily, you […]

Have You Disability Proofed Your Estate Plan?

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Your estate plan includes important components such as a will, to help distribute your assets if and when something happens to you. But one of the most overlooked aspects of planning for incapacity during your life has to do with a lack of knowledge surrounding what it might be like to live with a disability. […]

Do Rising Healthcare Costs Called for Updated Trusts?

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One of the biggest concerns at the top of minds for retirees are being able to afford potential decades of life post-retirement and preparing for soaring healthcare costs.   If you were savvy enough to put together a trust in the past to help protect your beneficiaries, now might be the time to revisit that […]

Got a Stepfamily? Don’t Forget Them in Your Estate Plan

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Today’s families need the support of dedicated and knowledgeable estate planning lawyers. With second or third marriages and blended families, estate planning calls upon professionals to help design unique and meaningful plans based on the structure of the family in question.  A good estate plan can help to avoid conflicts when you have children from […]

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