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Yes, Even College Students Can Benefit from Estate Planning

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People of all ages have the potential to recognize the possible benefits of estate planning but one that is often overlooked is when parents send their new 18-year olds off to college campuses in the fall without completing the appropriate estate planning steps.  A great time to think about estate planning is now as many […]

Estate Planning & Your Home Title

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There have been many commercials and some news stories about people having their homes stolen. The narrative in these stories typically goes that a thief finds the title to your home by locating it online or hacking into it. According to this story, the thief then steals the title, forges documents, and end up owning […]

Are You Subject to The Estate Planning Minefield? Beneficiary Designations Should Not Be Overlooked

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You probably had no idea about just how many things can go wrong by listing the wrong person or a person who should no longer have this authority on your beneficiary designation forms. There are some best practices that you can implement in your estate planning instead that could minimize the possibility for unfortunate and […]

How Many People Don’t Have A Will In 2020?

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Every year conducts a study to determine where people’s minds are at with regard to estate planning. There are many different questions asked inside this survey that it typically involves more than 2,400 people. But one of the most important is to determine who already has an estate plan in place. For middle-aged Americans […]

Don’t Keep Financial Secrets from Your New Mid-Life Partner

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There are many complicated facets of estate planning that arise when marrying someone in mid-life. Keeping financial secrets and refusing to share your financial history with your partner could set you both up for problems in the future. Furthermore, a mid-life marriage, including a second or third marriage, requires upfront honesty about both of your […]

Understanding the Complications of Annuities in An Estate Plan

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Do you have an annuity? Is this a financial tool you created for your own future but is something that was ultimately moved out of your possession/estate and into the management of a trust? Read on to learn more about key issues that emerge with trusts owned by annuities.  If you have placed an annuity […]

Why Is Retirement Planning Complicated with a Late Divorce?

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Getting divorced late in your marriage, such as several decades in, can create significant complications for a retirement planning. One partner might have saved a lot more than the other with the intention that the savings will be combined later, or the partners might have merged their retirement funds making it difficult to disentangle them […]

What Should You Do Right After A Loved One Passes Away?

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The loss of a loved one can be an emotional and overwhelming experience and it can feel very difficult to understand what you need to do to protect your interests and next steps that you need to take. However, there are many important things to contemplate during this difficult time related to your loved one’s […]

Three Estate Planning Steps to Take for New Parents

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It’s very exciting to think about all of the possibilities ahead of you and your family when you have your first child, but in addition to all of the other busy new parent related tasks on your list, making an estate plan should jump to the top of the priorities. Putting off this process before […]

Are There Any Dangers with DIY Estate Planning?

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  Today, thanks to the multitude of online resources and tools you can find about many different legal processes including estate planning, it’s easy to feel a sense of security about taking on this project DIY. Creating your own will might seem simple enough, but it’s a task you can tackle on your own. However, […]

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