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Who Keeps My Beneficiary Forms for My Retirement Plan?

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When you create a retirement plan, you’ll need to establish beneficiaries for those assets when you pass away. These beneficiary designation forms are handled outside of the rest of your probated estate, meaning that the forms you have on file with your company will be used when you pass away regardless of what it says […]

What To Know About Leaving Funeral Instructions

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It might initially make sense to you that leaving behind instructions for your loved ones when it comes to your funeral plans with your will is an easy way to keep like-minded topics together. However, in the heat of the moment it is unlikely that your loved ones will be able to find this important […]

How Does My Loved One Claim Property Through a Transfer on Death Deed?

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A transfer on death deed is a powerful tool for real estate planning purposes that allows your chosen beneficiary to receive access to a piece of land or real estate when you pass away without going through probate. Transfer on death deeds let the property avoid probate but do not necessarily provide additional protections and […]

Younger Generation Takes on Estate Planning, Study Shows

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A recent study identified that younger people have recognized the value of estate planning largely due to the impacts of the pandemic. If you or someone you know has not yet undertaken estate planning, now is a great time to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer about the next steps. This recent study was […]

Do Spouses and Creditors Have Rights to a POD Bank Account?

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A payable on death bank account is one way to enable someone to receive quick access to a bank account when you pass away. It is easier to do than many other forms of estate planning since it often requires the completion of a simple form with your bank directly, however, there are some potential […]

Does Your Family Have a Business Succession Plan?

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Owning a family business gives an excellent opportunity to pass on wealth to future generations, but this is only possible when you have a clear business succession plan created and implemented in advance. Many business owners rethought their decisions about their succession plan and retirement in the light of covid. Many of them were confronting […]

Study Finds Younger Workers Are Less Prepared for Retirement

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A recent research study indicates that generation X does not have the same amount of retirement preparedness as baby boomers. This is especially concerning given that Gen X members will have to rely more on their own savings when it comes to retirement security overall. The Employee Benefit Research Institute found that Gen X families […]

Who Depends on Your Income?

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One of the most important questions to be considered as you broach the estate planning process is to evaluate those people who are reliant on your income. If you are currently the primary breadwinner for your family, your sudden disability or death could present significant problems to your loved ones. Thinking about these possibilities and […]

What are the Most Common Probate Problems?

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When you pass away, there is a good chance that at least part of your estate will enter probate in your state. With estate planning, you can remove as many assets from your probate estate as possible, but only when you have carefully considered all assets and liabilities and followed through with retitling things into […]

How Does a New Owner Get Access to Real Estate with Transfer on Death?

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Someone who inherits real estate through a transfer on death deed should find it relatively simple to have ownership transferred to them after the original owner passes away. A short sworn statement usually needs to be filed by the transfer on death beneficiary in addition to submitting a death certificate copy for the public land […]

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