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Are You in The 66% Of Americans Who Don’t Have This Estate Planning Document?

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Far too many Americans overlook the potential benefits of estate planning because they believe it’s too difficult, not necessary for their specific situation or too expensive. But there can be major costs to ignoring components of your estate plan. Most people are familiar with the benefits afforded by a will, but a new study shows […]

Key Players in an Established Family Trust

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Have you thought about using various estate planning strategies, such as a trust, to establish some level of control and clarity during your estate planning process? The establishment of a family trust might be one specific way in which you intend to accomplish this goal.  There are several different key players involved in the establishment […]

What’s Your Big Purpose for Succession Planning?

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If you own a company, you can’t afford to think just about the day to day. In fact, even planning ahead for your own company’s future while you are still involved might not be enough to protect your business from success long into the future. This is because you can’t afford to neglect the power […]

Don’t Forget Your HIPAA Authorizations in Estate Planning

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In the event that you become incapacitated, it will be important for anyone you have named as a power of attorney agent to be able to make decisions on your behalf.  If you are incapacitated, you are unable to make these decisions for yourself, but without appropriate estate planning documents, appointing someone else to do […]

Are Your Retirement Plan Contributions Up to Par?

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The end of the year will quickly be here upon us. Many people have already started their holiday planning, but you can’t afford to neglect the opportunities that come with the burst of momentum to knock things off your to-do list and plan ahead for a successful 2020.  Yearend financial planning sets you up for […]

Leveraging Your Charitable Giving Before and After You Retire

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There’s a good chance that if you’ve been active with philanthropy and charitable giving, that it’s been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. But it might be time to adjust that strategy before and after retirement after speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorney.  An estate planning […]

Are You a Corporate Executive Without an Estate Plan in Place?

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As a corporate executive you have plenty of things on your plate and you probably don’t want to think about adding anymore, but there are several critical financial tasks that you can’t afford to neglect. Even though corporate executives put in a lot of equity to get their money, they tend to devote very little […]

Is DIY Elder Planning Dangerous?

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If you’re looking for a plan to save money, elder law planning on your own might seem like an appealing option, even though the advantage could be potentially saving money now. There are costly mistakes that you can make in the DIY elder law planning process, such as omissions, neglecting opportunities for protection, and errors […]

Study Shows That Home Care Costs Have Grown Significantly

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The charges for home care are now rising faster than those associated with nursing home care, according to Genworth’s most recent cost of care survey. The median annual cost for home health aides rose 4.55% in 2019, whereas the median cost for a private nursing home room only increased by 1.82% to $102,000. Getting support, […]

Why is the First Attorney Meeting So Important with Estate Planning?

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Your first meeting with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer lays the groundwork for all of the things you will work together towards in the future. It is important to identify an experienced estate planning lawyer who puts you at ease during this initial interview.  Many attorneys will offer a consultation to discuss some of your […]

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