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If I Don’t Want to Serve as an Executor, Do I Have to Take the Role?

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Some family members are surprised when they learn that they have been named as a loved one’s executor. An executor has the responsibility of carrying out probate administration when named in a will or when appointed by the court. Many people do not realize that they have the opportunity to turn down this role if […]

What Is a Directed Trust?

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  When thinking about your family wealth management there are many different options available to you. Consulting with an experienced asset protection planning attorney can help you to decide which of these tactics is most appropriate for you. A directed trust could be an option if you are contemplating establishing a family trust. Directed trusts […]

The New Tools for Helping Aging Parents

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The pandemic multiplied the needs, concerns and worries of the nation’s 53 million family caregivers—and also ways to help them. Dori Hazama needed practical and emotional help after her mother fell last fall, spent months in rehab and was about to come home in a wheelchair. Her parents’ home needed a wheelchair ramp and hospital […]

Is Your Estate Plan Portable Enough?

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There was a time in the past where people would have settled down and stayed in mostly the same location for the majority of their adult life, but that time has passed and the need for portability is now. With a mobile world people are changing jobs and even homes more than ever. Your estate […]

What Are the Most Important Retirement Milestones to Keep in Mind?

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Every kind of retirement benefit will have a separate eligibility age and your age can play a big role in how much you will be able to get from social security and what you’d need to do to avoid retirement account penalties. Consider these important ages in your retirement plan to make sure that you […]

What Is the Federal Lifetime Exclusion?

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In the United States, you are eligible to tap into something called a federal lifetime exclusion which is a specific dollar amount specified by the IRS that can help to minimize your estate tax liability when a person passes away. The vast majority of people will use their federal lifetime exclusion at death; however, you […]

Estate Planning Through Major Milestones

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Whether you’ve recently reached adulthood, are starting your mily, reaching retirement, or approaching some other major milestone in life, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s time to contact Morton Law Firm, PLLC for your Estate Planning needs. Don’t believe it? Check out these reasons: Estate planning knowledge is specialized. While you might have great insight […]

What Does the Concept of Incapacity Have to Do with My Living Trusts?

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A person’s inability to manage their own legal, health care, financial and property decisions can lead to the authorization of someone else to serve in a representative capacity. When it comes to a trust, this individual might be known as your successor trustee. Agents under your power of attorney document for finances, legal affairs, advanced […]

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Executor of an Estate?

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Many people were prompted to write or update their wills in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is an important step in the estate planning process. All people will one day be asked to put those wills into effect. Those important people are known as executors or personal representatives. These are the friends or relatives […]

Who Needs to Be Notified After a Loved One Passes Away?

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The passing of a loved one presents unique emotional challenges related to grief as well as issues of how to handle their administrative affairs in the short term. Once someone has been appointed to handle the administration of probate, that executor will be the person responsible for closing out the estate and taking actions on […]

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