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Estate Planning For Young Adults

It is understandable that planning for the possibility of death or incapacitation would be one of the last things on your mind when you are a young adult. However, the fact remains that as soon as you are married and have your first child, you have a family that is depending on you. From that […]

What Are QPRTs?

In the parlance of estate planning, a QPRT is a qualified personal residence trust, and they are used to remove the value of your home from your estate for tax purposes. Let’s say that you plan to leave your home to your daughter after you pass away. You place the house into the trust, and […]

Proper Estate Planning Should Be An Ongoing Process

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There are some activities that you engage in with the full knowledge that these are ongoing processes, and others that would seem like one-time events. Because a lot of people put off planning their estates for any number of reasons, when they finally get around to it drawing up a plan can seem like a […]

Charitable Giving With Donor Advised Funds

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When you are inventorying your assets as you plan your estate, it is a good feeling to recognize that you are in a position to give something back through ongoing charitable giving. Giving to your favorite charities is indeed its own reward, and there are those who feel that a growing wave of philanthropy may […]

How to Create a Will: A Checklist

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Are you in the beginning of your estate planning process? If so, here is an essential checklist to guide you through the process of creating a Last Will and Testament. Enumerate Your Belongings The first step of the estate planning process is to list your estate holdings. When you list your assets you will also […]

The Truth About Reciprocal Wills

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Did you now that a Reciprocal Will is sometimes called an “I Love You Will”? This is because each spouse creates a Will that leave everything to the other spouse upon death. If you have an “I Love You Will”, you should know the truth about your Will and what it does and doesn’t do. […]

What Happens When There Isn’t a Will?

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If you haven’t created a Last Will and Testament or another estate document such as a Living Trust, to settle your affairs, you should be aware of what will happen to your estate when you pass away. The good news is that, if you have not done a will for yourself, the state of Mississippi […]

Should You Use an A/B Trust?

When creating an estate plan, it is important to consider all of your options. If you are married, you may want to think about an A/B Trust. This Trust will divide your assets into two shares – the “A” share and the “B” share, at the first of you or your spouse to die. Doing […]

Reasons to Contest a Will

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If you believe a loved one has passed away and left behind an invalid Last Will and Testament, you may be able to issue a challenge to that document. You can, however, only issue a challenge if you are an heir-at-law or if you were a previous beneficiary, but have been removed from the current […]

Is Someone You Love a Victim of Elder Abuse?

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In 1999-2001 around thirty percent of nursing homes had faced at least one claim of elder abuse. Elder abuse is any act of neglect or physical, verbal, or financial abuse against an elderly person. This abuse may occur in a skilled nursing facility or even at home. What to Look For If you have an […]

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