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The High Cost of Failing to Plan

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Steve McNair earned a reported $75 million during his 13 seasons with the Titans, and yet apparently died without a will. While it is unknown what his current estate is worth, it is almost certainly worth many millions. Under current estate tax law, the first $3.5 million of his estate going to persons other than […]

Nursing Home Ratings

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US News and World Report has rated nursing homes around the nation.  Mississippi has 25 homes with a 5 star rating.  To see how a particular home that you are considering rates, click here.

Morton Appointed to MS Bar Committees

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Ronald Morton has accepted appointment as Chairman of the Mississippi Bar's Technology Committee for 2009-2010.  Additionally, Morton has accepted a one year appointment to the Mississippi Bar's ethics committee. 

Millionaire Football Star Died Without a Will

No Comments Estate Planning

Mississippi native and football legend Steve McNair died without a will, leaving the handling of his estate to the intestacy laws of Tennessee, the Tennesseeian reports.  His widow's petition to open the estate only identifies herself and their two sons, but omits his two other sons from a previous marriage.  Under Tennessee law, his surviving […]

Qualifying for Medicaid in Mississippi

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The following is a video blog post that reviews the requirements for qualifying for Mississippi Medicaid benefits.

Michael Jackson’s Will Tells Us a Lot by Telling Us Very Little

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The Will of Michael Jackson was filed in Los Angeles Probate court yesterday.  Michael Jackson's Will.  From the will we really learn very little about the ultimate distribution of Jackson's large estate.  The entire estate is payable into the Michael Jackson Family Trust.  It appears that this "Family Trust" is a revocable living trust, given […]

Celebrities Die Just Like the Rest of Us, Only with more Public Disputes

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Last week saw the sad loss of 4 entertainment icons.  Some of my earliest memories of TV with my fatherat the age of 4 were of watching Ed McMahon as Johnny Carson's loyal sidekick.  Farrah Fawcett was, of course, my favorite Angel every Wednesday night, even if only for a single season (but my mother […]

Medicaid will Stop Provider Payments

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In a letter to Medicaid providers, such as nursing homes, dated June 19, 2009, the Division of Medicaid announced that, due to the state's budget crisis, it was out of money and would cease all provider payments until it received funding.  The letter points to a $39 million shortfall in current budgeting.  Once providers notify […]

Make the Children Pay?

No Comments Elder Law

One writer recently speculated that states could begin looking to children to pay for the Nursing Home and other medical expenses incurred by their parents and paid by Medicaid.  Article here.  Specifically, the suggestion is that Miss. Code Ann. Sec. 43-31-25 be used to require reimbursement from children for the nursing home or other Medicaid […]

Medicaid on Twitter?

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The Communications office at the Mississippi Division of Medicaid is apparently on Twitter.  @Medicaid_Truth.  Posts seem to be somewhat political in nature, although I applaud the agency's attempt to use new technology to communicate.  Technology leadership has not been my experience with my usual dealings with Medicaid.  Thanks to for the story. 

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