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New Potential Heir in McNair Estate

There is a potential new heir to the Steve McNair estate. In papers filed Friday, Clover Lee claims that McNair is the father of her 17 year old daughter.  If that is proven to be correct by DNA testing, the 60% of the football millionaire's estate set aside for his children will be divided 5 ways instead of 4.  Also, the judge has ruled that McNair's restaurant can be sold by the estate, despite the objection of its co-owner. 

McNair's estate is a lesson in the benefit of planning.  Had he created a will or trust that named his heirs and defined the portion each was to receive, the appearance of unknown heirs would not be an issue.  Likewise, had he and his business partner planned for the treatment of his restaurant or other business interests, the disposition of those assets would not be left up to the discretion of a probate judge, but would be determined by the agreement of the parties themselves.  If you think that your planning is incomplete, feel free to call my office and set up a complementary phone or office appointment. 

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