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Why Should I Hire an Attorney to Help Me with My Will?

Creating your own will is a common interest for many people who have had this on their to-do list for some time and are concerned about how to best protect their interests and cross this off their checklist.

Creating a DIY will is an alternative to hiring an experienced lawyer but it also comes with its own risks. A lawyer can provide instrumental insight in the process of creating your estate plan, including a will. Furthermore, your lawyer will be familiar with state and federal requirements as well as common reasons for which wills are challenged. A will challenge can slow down the administration of your estate when one or more beneficiaries believes that the will is invalid.

Your lawyer will help you match the document created with your planning intentions to create a plan that’s aligned with your future. This helps you know that if something happens to you, your loved ones are taken care of because of this advanced planning. A lawyer can also introduce you to estate planning strategies you might not have known about, too.

Having the support of a lawyer to create this document in the first place can decrease the chances of a successful will challenge and ensure that you have considered all of the most important aspects of your estate plan. A lawyer can also review your will with you on a regular basis to ensure that it’s in line with your individual goals as well as state and local requirements. You can make things much easier for your loved ones by having a will drafted by a knowledgeable attorney.

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