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What Questions Should You Ask Before Selecting a Legal Guardian?

Most parents recognize that one of the most powerful aspects of putting together a will is establishing a legal guardian. This is the person who is legally eligible to care for your child if something happens to you and the selection of a legal guardian is a highly personalized decision that must be taken carefully. 

This is a person who will make decisions about your child’s schooling, health and overall upbringing. This means that not only does the person you select need to be comfortable with playing such a key role in the child’s life, but you must be comfortable with your selection of this individual. Doing so requires answering some key questions, such as:

  •      What are this person’s moral and religious beliefs? Do they line up with my own?
  •      Is this person up to the challenge of raising my children?
  •      Does this person love my children?
  •      Does this individual have any medical conditions that could prevent them from serving effectively as a guardian?
  •      Does the potential guardian have access to financial resources to care for my child?
  •      Will my child still be able to have easy access to their other relatives?
  •      Where does this person live and what is this individual’s home situation?

After you have answered these questions and selected someone to name as a guardian, it is critical to discuss it directly with him or her. While many people will be flattered that you even considered them to serve in this role, others might not be willing to accept the responsibility. You might consider choosing an alternate guardian as well.  

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