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What Are Mississippi’s Intestate Succession Laws?

Did you know that if you pass away without a will in the state of Mississippi, that the state is responsible for passing on your property that would have otherwise gone through your will? This is known as Mississippi’s laws of intestacy or intestate succession. MS-welcome-sign-estate-lawyer

These laws can also apply to a person who does not have an appropriately drafted will which would address the disposition of all of his or her assets. Mississippi’s laws of intestacy depend on the decedent’s spouse and blood relatives present at the time that the decedent passes away.

These individuals are divided into four groups; the spouse and children; parents, siblings and descendants of siblings; grandparents, uncles and aunts; and blood relatives of highest degree. If a person passes away without a will, Mississippi’s laws of intestacy distribute that person’s estate to his or her heirs at law.

However, this can raise practical concerns about whether or not third parties can know who the heirs at law are. This can lead to further complications and claims from people who anticipated they would receive something from the estate.

One of the easiest ways to avoid many of the most common challenges associated with intestate succession, and therefore, not being able to decide who receives your assets after you pass away, is to schedule a consultation with a Mississippi intestate succession lawyer to discuss your options. A consultation with an estate planning attorney in Mississippi can help to clarify what to include inside your probated estate and how to minimize concerns or headaches for loved ones.


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