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VA Benefit

 The VA
disability pension program is more commonly known as the “Aid and Attendance”
program. It is available to single veterans, to veteran households with one or
more dependents, or to the surviving spouse and/or surviving dependent children
of a veteran. In order to qualify for the benefit, a veteran must have served
90 days on active duty with at least one day during a wartime, must have been
discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, must be permanently and
totally disabled or 65 years or older, and must meet the income eligibility

eligibility for the benefits is based on income, the way in which the income is
calculated for application purposes allows most veterans to qualify. The VA
deducts from income unreimbursed medical expenses which lowers the income
amount in order to allow the veteran to qualify for the additional benefits.
Assuming that a veteran and/or veteran’s spouse meets the income eligibility
requirement, the veteran and/or the veteran’s spouse must also retain no more
than $50,000 cash assets if single and no more than $80,000 cash assets if
married without penalizing the monthly benefit to which the applicant is

with the pension plans, there are no penalties for transfers made after the
applicant has qualified for the monthly Aid and Attendance pension benefit. The
maximum monthly benefit that can be received through the VA is $2,393; however,
this amount also depends on how severely disabled the veteran is. Ultimately,
the VA will pay the difference between an applicant’s countable family and the
yearly income limit which corresponds with the number of dependents in the
veteran’s family and the amount of income a veteran receives from other

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