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Forbes Reports No Dispute over McNair Estate

Contrary to predictions of controversy over the Steve McNair estate made here and elsewhere on the web, Forbes reports that no dispute exists between the various factions of the McNair family.  According to the report, everyone in the family is aware of the football player's wishes with respect to caring for his children, both from his current marriage and prior relationships, as well as caring for his mother.  The article also reports that the famous quarterback had previously commissioned the creation of two wills, but never executed them.  The article notes that under Tennessee law, his marriage would have invalidated one of them if it were signed prior to the marriage.  This would not have been the case under Mississippi law.  Under Mississippi law, a marriage does not invalidate a prior will, although a spouse can claim an equal child's share of an estate if he or she is not sufficiently provided for in the will.  Despite the apparent family harmony, at least for now, it is likely that the McNair estate will be strapped with significant estate tax liability that could have been minimized, or possibly completely eliminated, through proper planning. 

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