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Can my Estate take care of my pet?

In modern society,
our pets are an important part of our families. We take them to the groomer so
they look their best, take them to the doctor when they are sick, and take them
to stay in the “Pet Hotel" or “Spa” when we travel. We even pay extra so
they get played with while we are out of town. 
Our desire to care for our animals after our death is only natural.  Indeed, while common pets like dogs and cats
may only live a few years beyond our death, more exotic pets like reptiles and
birds have a life expectancy much greater than their human owners. Many states
have specific laws that allow the creation of a “pet trust." A pet trust
is simply the set-aside of money and perhaps other property, for the specific purpose
of caring for animals. Currently, Mississippi does not have a specific statute
on trusts, and there are no Mississippi cases declaring such trusts to be
valid. However, many other states do provide specifically for pet trusts. The
most notable pet trust in recent years is the one created by Leona Helmsley,
who left $12 million dollars in trust for her dog. One solution to the dilemma
of caring for Mississippi pets is to simply set aside a sum of money to an
individual with a stated preference that the funds be used firs for the care of
the animal during its remaining life. However, if an individual wants to provide,
with full certainty, that the trust will be enforceable, they should execute a
trust that is formed under the laws of one of those states that specifically
provide for creation of the pet trust.

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