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You Do Not Have to Pay a Lawyer To File A Medicaid Application … and other words of wisdom from our government

Recently the Mississippi Division of Medicaid has decided to spend taxpayer dollars to engage in a campaign informing people that they don't need to hire a lawyer to file a Medicaid application.  I thought I might suggest other "'I'm from the government and I'm here to help you" type of advice.

"If Your are Charged with a Crime, You Don't Have to Hire a Lawyer to Enter a Guilty Plea"

"You Don't Have to Hire An Accountant to Prepare Your Taxes.  The IRS Will Prepare Your Return for You For Free!"

"You Don't Have To Hire A Lawyer To Appeal the Denial of Your Disability Claim. We'll Tell You How To Do It"

Of course, if you want independent, informed advice about all of your options when applying for Medicaid benefits, an elder law attorney is a prudent choice.  Often, in simple cases, a short complementary phone conversation can confirm that you already qualify for benefits.  Such a call can also often reveal planning opportunities that are available that will preserve assets many times those revealed by Medicaid.  It's your choice.  "Trust us, we're from the government …", vs. an independent advocate that represents only your interests.  

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