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Will Your Medical Provider Require a Living Will or Advanced Directive?

What happens if you become unable to articulate your wishes around medical care in future years. A document known as an advanced medical directive or living will might be the only way to give these important instructions to your health care providers. This document should be included as part of your estate plans because it informs medical staff and your loved ones about your wishes surrounding life prolonging or lifesaving medical procedures in the event that you are unable to speak to express these.

It can be very difficult to leave your loved ones to answer these important questions because they may not feel comfortable, may not know your wishes, or may disagree with other members of the family leading to conflict and possible court procedures.

While you need to select someone to carry out your wishes, a living will removes this burden from your loved ones’ shoulders by providing specific criteria that you have created in the past about how you wish to be kept alive or allowed to pass on.

A primary physician or other treating physician may not be able to take important life saving measures or move quickly enough to support you in the event that you have not completed an advanced directive or living will. If you have not yet created these important documents, consider this a great opportunity to consult with an experienced and dedicated estate planning lawyer.

Our office can help you create a plan that helps you have peace of mind about who makes decisions for you if you become unable to do so.

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