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Estate Planners See Increase in Requests from Clients

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the unexpected. More people than ever used this opportunity to get on top of their planning. If you went though difficult issues related to your health or experienced this with a loved one in 2020 or 2021, it’s a good time to speak with a dedicated estate planning lawyer to ensure your plans cover all your needs.

Your estate planning should cover not only what happens to any of your children or your property once you pass away, but provisions for what will happen to you and your affairs if you were to become sick or disabled during your life.

Most people view estate planning as the process of documenting your property transfer plans when they pass away. While that’s important and can make things much easier for your beneficiaries when you pass away, some of the most complex legal questions emerge when you’re hurt or ill and not able to communicate what care you’d like on your own. In the heat of the moment, medical decisions must be made, but if you haven’t taken the time to document these or appoint someone who knows them to make those calls on your behalf, your family members can get stuck in red tape during a period where timely decision-making is key.

If you have specific feelings about what medical care you’d like and when, make sure this is written down with the help of your local estate planning attorney. If you’re appointing someone else in a power of attorney role for you, be sure they are clear about how the process works and are comfortable serving in this role.

Don’t let unexpected events catch you off guard. Schedule a time to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney today.

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