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Do You Really Need A Planner for an Estate?

Whether you are thinking about your investments and your retirement or how your estate plan answers many of your most common goals, you need assistance from an expert in the world of financial planning. But finding the right person to assist you in addition to finding a knowledgeable estate planning attorney to help you think about how all these pieces connect can be complicated. 

You need to understand that there are new options available to you in terms of identifying financial professionals or estate planning professionals. It’s a good idea at the outset of a relationship to understand how you might pay for this advice. Some planners even offer subscriptions with prices that are based on your income or your individual situation.

This means that you can benefit from getting one on one access to the professional while not having to pay extensive fees. This gives you some form of regular access to the professional as well. In addition to having an estate planning attorney to help guide you through many of the most common concerns that you might have as you near retirement age, it is a good idea to engage with other professionals who can assist you in developing a comprehensive plan.

For example, you might need the services of a CPA or a financial planner. Together these professionals can outline a plan that will protect you and your loved ones while keeping your personal goals top of mind.


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