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How to Handle an Estate Plan Update If a Trustee or Executor Becomes Inappropriate

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Two key individuals might be installed as part of the management of your estate plan either during life or after you pass away. These are known as your executor and your trustee. These are individuals who implement your plan after it has been articulated in estate planning documents. Both of these individuals often determine the […]

Do I Really Need an Independent Professional Trustee?

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So you’ve already made the decision to use a trust as an estate planning strategy to shield assets from potential creditors or predators, to add a layer of privacy to the management of your estate plan and to exercise some level of control over how assets in your estate are passed on.  This is an […]

Can You Ever Revoke a Power of Attorney?

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Establishing a power of attorney enables another individual to make decisions on your behalf. Depending on the specifics of your unique concerns, a power of attorney can be tailored to particular situations, such as when you become incapacitated or can exist from the moment that it is signed.  Revoking a power of attorney raises unique […]

Three Steps to Optimal Business Succession

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You need to have three clear phases to the business succession planning process to ensure that you have considered all aspects and are as prepared as possible to pass your business on to a future generation.  Phase One: Creating A Clear Vision Setting up measurable goals within your succession plan and aligning them with company […]

What Are Your Goals for Creating an Estate Plan?

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A conversation with an experienced estate planning lawyer will be much easier when you have your goals in mind before attending the meeting. Different people approach estate planning with their own individual goals and the more time you can take to reflect on these, the easier it will be to craft strategies and tactics in […]

Life Insurance Should Be Included as Part of Your Estate Plan

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Life insurance can be a powerful planning tool when used in conjunction with the remainder of your estate plan. Having an estate plan put together with the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer is helpful for outlining what you intend to accomplish in the future.  However, you should also engage other professionals, such as […]

Trusts as An Estate Planning Strategy Are More Important Than Ever

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So many changes in the estate and the gift tax rules mean that it’s more important than ever to contemplate estate planning strategies. Trusts matter now more than ever because these are much more than tax planning vehicles for estate planning purposes.  Many people continue to struggle with the problem of determining how much is […]

Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney

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In a sit-down conversation with an estate planning lawyer, you will want to have a sense of confidence and comfort in this person who will help steer you through the estate planning process.  An estate planning lawyer serves in numerous different roles and may have different practice areas to assist you with all of the […]

Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones Grappling with Lack of Information

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Untangling all of the aspects of your estate can be daunting for you but it can be even worse for your loved ones. You may pass away without leaving your executor or your family members with an updated and complete list of where all your materials are and how they can be accessed.  Think about […]

Will the State Take Your Belongings If You Don’t Have an Estate Plan?

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Unfortunately, plenty of people have not carried out the process of putting together an estate plan, assuming that they don’t need one or following some misconceptions about what truly happens to their belongings if they fail to plan.  It is a big misconception to think that the state takes over your assets if you pass […]

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